Friday, 16 March 2018

Remembering Grace

How shall I describe this knowing - that though open-hearted and pure are natures beings - they we do not reveal their depths of themselves to strangers. 
They we are not manipulative or fearful for are not owned by Ego. 
They reflect us back. They are mirrors. For Gaia
They show us how we are strangers to ourselves. 

How many times I have seen the eyes of a four-legged soul drop the facade 
humans have given them. Only to reveal they're true selves. 

And so it can be for until we experience we truly do not know. And that is why beloved ones we are alive. To experience and therefore embody. We are here to give birth to Divinity. 

Drop the old cloaks of shame that hold you down. That is a mirage. 
The wonder that it takes - to be courageous - to be open-hearted. We must for it is to embrace life. To be fully loving. 

And so Nature and her beings are love. And not only deserve to be loved but it is a gift.
Gaia is immense in her love and so is the Sun. Sun is love. Can you feel it? Can you sense this? Experience the love. 

For I know the more I experience Love the more I can embrace being in the expansive everlasting now, and stop the endless endless searching for something else - for something more - somewhere else. 

Is not being alive enough? What if we all just paused and woke up to being alive and be filled with Grace.

Dive Deep. Dive high. 
Dive within and Remember. 
You beloved One are ALIVE. 
Remember you are LOVE DIVINE.

Monday, 26 February 2018

Five Tips

We are alive not to learn what we want but what we need to learn.

Leap into the unknown so we can remember we are held. 

Follow our heart and not our ego/head. Dare to be challenged. 

Be comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Trust what will unfold is so much more enriching diverse and Wild 
Than we could ever imagine! 
That is being alive.

Sunday, 25 February 2018

Take a Pause to Remember

I like many others have much to learn about abundance. 
What it is...

It is LOVE and it is LIFE.

And this is crucial. 
How we experience and treat GAIA the EARTH shows us 
our relationship to abundance.
Abundance has been objectified. GAIA and The DIVINE FEMININE has been objectified.

We, humans, exploit Gaia.
We, humans, exploit each other.
We have shown lack of honour respect and therefore value. 
In doing so we do not experience the unconditional LOVE and BOUNTY that 
Gaia gives. 
That we ARE.

Instead, we have relished being in envy lack of and loss.
We hunger within the separation of Duality.

We humans have been coming from a space of lack of. 
We have come from an experience of loss.
We have forgotten the Garden of Eden.
In our desire our choice for knowledge and self-consciousness
To explore LIFE within Gaia,
We fell from GRACE. 
We lost our connection to our inherent DIVINITY
And in doing so forgot that ALL is SPIRIT.

As long as we exploit GAIA.
As long as we denigrate the DIVINE FEMININITY
We will remain in poverty of Spirit.

Many of us chose poverty as part of our path of humbleness in a vow an attempt 
To not exploit to understand the nourishment 
That exists in every moment 
To see the beauty that surrounds us
To not be distracted by 3D but value LIFE

But that too came a pattern for many
One of punishment 
This is where the EGO kept us small
Separated in blame 
Distant from Spirit.

Many of us chose to be Healers Seekers Singers Poets Artists 
Not only baring witness but in a desire to heal
Carried this hurt as a burden.
It is time to release these old contracts bonds
Acknowledge the duality of the old paradigm relationships
Victim ~ Persecutor ~ Rescuer
Move away from Loss and Greed.

IT is Time.


There are spiritual practices which we can use to attune.
Here are some suggestions to Pause to Remember....


One is a Kundalini Meditation Practice I learnt was taking a pause after an exhale.
One can take a pause between either exhale or inhale
Just for a few seconds. 
And this is called KUMBHAKA.

The pattern is simple: inhale, hold, exhale, hold, repeat.

1. Exhale everything out through your mouth
2. Seal the lips and inhale slowly (on a count of five) through your nose until your lungs are completely full.
3. Hold at the top for a count of five, keeping lips sealed.
4. Exhale through the nose for five—taking all five counts to release the breath. Think of air slowly being released from a balloon, that’s the controlled pace of the release.
5. When lungs are completely empty (you can release a little extra air at the bottom if there is still air left,) then hold for a count of five. 
6. Focus on creating space with every inhale and releasing with every exhale. 

*If a five-count seems easy, you can start increasing the counts as you breathe and hold


I have written about this in previous blogs.
 Take a breath. Stand bare feet on the Earth. Face to the Sun with Hand over the HEART CHAKRA.


FASTING is another practice.
Enabling supporting us to be in the moment.
Witness our ego/mind.
Move more into our bodies and our breath
When we fast it is not about denial it is about 
cleansing our body of addiction being present in the moment
To watch our minds egos race for distraction.
And then when we return to eating and drinking after fasting.
We have taken a pause. 
Our tastes are no longer dull.
But enriched.


We find the Eternal Apple Tree
We taste of the Golden Apple of Avalon
Buried in our Secret Chamber deep in our Hearts
Is the LIVING Garden of EDEN

We are the Light Bringer who shines brightly in the night sky
 That was birthed in GAIA so
Divinity could fall in love

And so each one of us is reflected in one another.
We are Unity.
How we treat one another is reflected inwardly.
There is no separation.

We are not just part of GAIA.

The Water we are.
The Air we are
The EARTH we are.
The FIRE we are.
Spirit embodied we are.
We are GAIA

Thursday, 22 February 2018

Sovereign You - Unity Consciousness

Today 22nd February 2018 and tomorrow 23rd February 2018 
The Majestic Golden and Diamond Light 
Energydoorways are flooding Earth from the Central Sun. 

Take some space to be in nature with Gaia and Solar Star. 
Time to connect with your Divine Flame - The Sovereign you 
With your Shining Star Crown and 
Your Ascended Star Kin
Remember to be kind gentle with our humanness our vulnerable tender selves 
For we are rebirthing.
Take time if needed to rest as our physical bodies will need to release and make space for these
Glorious Codes and Upgrades. 

Emotions might rise and fall. As we remember the loss of the connection with Divine so let this go.

 Forgive for there is nothing to Forgive we just wanted to explore and experience being on Gaia.

TRUST for all is OK
TRUST we ARE being held.
We are SAFE
WE ARE being held by our Guides Guardians and LIGHT families.
All this is so 
We can Shine Shine Shine.
More in UNITY Consciousness

Blessed Be

Sunday, 21 January 2018

Awakening - The Heart Centred Way

The Heart Centred Way

When we have the experience of not being able to feel communicate be with Spiritual Realm one of the keys is to remain curious about thoughts feelings and emotions. And to remind ourselves that it is not that we do not know the way. Rather it is that we have temporarily forgotten. With this comes an experience of loss which is why we can feel unease which actually is a goodly thing! When we feel dissatisfaction that is our Heart Centre needing to expand.  This can be a very subtle process in which we very easily can become judgmental (thought) followed by tension/tightness (feeling) followed by frustration disappointment sadness or fear (emotion).
So when we find ourselves in this cycle - ideally if we can catch the initial thought and remain curious and ask What is the message - what is the teaching? What is it that I am remembering? Then we can connect more deeply with our Heart Centres and therefore Spirit. 
If we are experienced in witnessing our process these reactions and responses become subtler and deeper. Being judgmental or critical is also closely linked to the ego/mind protecting us from what it sees as threatening scary for when we expand more from the Heart we are moving into greater possibilities of change transformation evolution - the unknown. 

 Many of us have been Healers Seers Teachers Guides Wayshowers in previous lifetimes and in those lifetimes we have found ourselves threatened for being Spiritual Aware. So some of us are carrying those memories wounds in our bodies. Being conscious of this allows us to shine a light and release these old patterns. Reminding ourselves that we are now safe can also be helpful. We can now remember and let go - for many Ascended Beings StarSeed families, Wayshowers and Healers along with Gaia during 2017 have been working to release heavier shields/blocks within and also around Gaia that was preventing many remembering who they truly are. Since that release, many now have easier access to so much support from our Teachers Guides and StarSeed Families. The energy uplifting around Gaia has allowed more light to come in and so release any blocks lower energies. 
Due to this Gaia has shifted to a higher vibration so she has evolved and is supporting all her children to evolve as well. So another key to this process is waking up to this Global process. That we are part of a human evolution and we are not alone.

Due to this huge release many of us will be experiencing physical symptoms such as headaches, flu symptoms and fluctuating energy. Many of us will not only be releasing for ourselves but also therefore many others. For we are part of the Web. Interconnected. When one is able to shift so others are enabled as well. So a guidance is during those times try to set aside give the time for rest and listen to what our bodies are asking for nourishment. Again check in with yourself. I, for instance, had one month of migraines in March/April 2017 and I knew this was part of an Awakening Process as I was aware of Light coming in every night. That was because I allowed myself to take time and space which enabled my Higher Awareness to be Aware of the deeper process. Allowed me to connect with the Higher Vibrations and Deeper Spiritual process. So this can enrich the process as well as making it a much easier smoother transition. It is a way to ease and quieten our minds knowing we are in fact doing really well and all is as it is meant to be. 

Part of the evolution - Awakening process we are all going through is moving through different stages. So it is helpful to remind ourselves that if we find old issues coming up - ones that we had worked through - that might trigger thoughts or patterns of behaviour or feelings in the body or emotions - to use the image of the Spiral as a reminder that we are just releasing another layer. We might think we have slipped back in our process - but in fact, we are releasing a deeper layer. We are now in a more empowered place to witness this process and experience any emotions or thoughts and then let them go. We are Spirit Beings within 3D bodies. Which means remembering the 3D natural world is Spirit. We are moving into a way of being that is consciously increasingly embodying Spirit.  Holding more light. This is a Heart Centre Way and to help be more in our Hearts with Spirit work with being with the Elements. 

Working and Being with the Elements and Elementals...

Earth is full of nourishment and holding. It connects us to our Root and Earth Star Chakras. Earthing supports us to connect with our Root Chakra where the Kundalini Energy resides. It connects us with our Divine Mother our place of Birth. The Divine Feminine Force which connects us with Gaia. When we are deeply grounded we able to connect with Spirit and with our Souls Path. We are able to actualise Heaven on Earth. So my suggestion is to connect with Grounding - and communicate be with Trees and Rocks Stones Quartz. And my other suggestion is to find a physical activity which can support being present and relaxed - such as walking dancing or Yoga. This allows the body to release any tensions and toxins and gives us space to move the creative life force energy. 

Water connects with the Womb of Life. The Sacral Chakra of Creation. This Chakra also connects with the Throat Chakra and is about expressing your Divine Purpose. Connecting with your Soul Note. Voicing who you are being Co-Creators. Taking long baths for relaxing allows us to be held in this element facilitating the ego/mind to relax and then our Higher Mind can have space to come to the forefront and our Intuition and HIgher Spirit along with our Heart can flow. We have access to a vaster wise intelligence. 

Another main tool is to use the breath to calm and focus the mind. For the Breath is Life. There are many breathing techniques that have been taught. Find one that works for you.

Work with the Solar Sun. As we are remembering to embody the Spiritual Light more into our 3D selves working physically with the Sun is a powerful healing process. So my suggestion is during daylight when you can see the sun clearly without clouds place a hand briefly on the centre of your chest so that your hand chakra is connected with your Heart Chakra and ask for your Heart to connect with the Solar Heart Energy. Remove your hand and surrender. 

Some of you might have noticed that you find it easier to connect with the 5D and Spiritual Realm when in service - for instance offering support guidance or Healing to another. If this is the case this could be showing that you are holding onto an experience or belief that you are not worthy. Service is the experience of being in the Heart Space. So one way to support yourselves to connect with your Soul and Spirit is to offer your service more. Another is that part of remembering we are Spiritual Beings - Multi-Dimensional Beings is giving time and space to allow that connection. For living in the world we are having to move through a lot of external denser ego/mind noise/energy - a distraction from Spirit. So we need time to reconnect. Once we start allowing this space then our system can experience this as normal, not extraordinary. We can ease up on the time restraints and pressure for only allowing a certain allotted time to tune in. Part of remembering and is giving time for our bodies to the experience of holding more light.    

Lastly, I would share this. That the Heart is the rainbow bridge with Spirit. The Heart resonates with joy and gratitude. Laughter humour - 'lightening up' instantly raises our vibration. Every day if you can find times to consciously notice beauty within and without. Send gratitude to your bodies and acknowledge that you are God-Goddess. You are Divine Embodied. Unique and also part of the Whole Unity.

Thursday, 18 January 2018

Divine Lovemaking

Lift up your head and see feel with your 💓 
Solar 🌞 in Divine Lovemaking with Gaia.

So above is below.
So within us without.

We are honoured to be awakening to the Song.

This Creation. This Life. Such abundance. Such depth of joy.

Every expression. Every experience. Every Emotion. IS. Divine. 

Take a moment. Take a breath. And step into the wonder.

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Sound Healing

Everything. Every being is in constant movement and so resonates making a sound. 
When we are in-tune then we are connected consciously empowered awake and aware. 
Each of us has a soul born with its unique note which is part of the ever-expanding evolving creation.
When we are happy and healthy we are in harmony. To be harmonious is to be in-tune.
Sound Healing works at the deepest level. The Heart and Soul. 
Sound Healing is the most powerful effective Healing Modality. 
For it touches people regardless of belief background identity culture. 
It goes to the Heart of the Matter right down to the DNA to the core issues.
For it is the meaning of life. 
Every time we take a breath in and out we are with our beating hearts response to Gaia's Heartbeat. We are with the Solar Sun's golden rays that are continuously pulsing with the Divine Love Making. 
And so the more we are in tune with our Hearts 
The more we can open up to experience the Angelic Choir that resides deep in our Hearts.

Monday, 8 January 2018

The Grace

It is time to Live in alignment with your Soul

And so as I and others prepare to return to the usual weekly rhythm of our employment work jobs after the Christmas and New Year season. I have been witness to the environmental emotional malaise. A mixture of wish fulfilment mixed in with anticipation. There is also the more challenging emotions of stretched nerves and tiredness from feeling the struggle that so many have with the push-pull of do we take on and acknowledge that we create our reality. Some of us may still be experiencing the time spent with families which focused the attention on all the unspoken and spoken wounds and unresolved patterns. How much we are or are not seen or allow each others to be seen. And underlining all this is the Truth. The resonance. That We create our lives. We create how we experience life. 

If we are still involved living partially or wholly with the mainstream 3D World that so many of us are, this can be troubling. For the majority of the Western World is living in an outdated limiting way, in which there is the belief that we are all separate from one another. We are separate from Gaia. Male from Female. Young from Old. White from Black. And so on.  We question whether there is Divinity in ourselves in each other with Gaia or at all. We fear to see how the internal is reflected externally. All our thoughts all our actions are part of the weaving. We ignore not only the suffering but also the possibility of living fully in-love in-joy. Empowered.

But when we experience and move more into Unity. When we feel Spirit in ourselves - in each other - in Gaia. When we feel LOVE that emanates unconditionally from Gaia and the beautiful Solar Sun. From all the beautiful beings that are part of Gaia - including ourselves and each other, we start to experience the wonder and magic. We take on responsibility and so with this comes more freedom. Freedom to change. To heal. To truly create beauty. 
We are filled with Grace.

When we allow the light as I did yesterday from the Solar Sun that wonderful Star to penetrate out through to our Heart Chakra's there is ILLUMINATION. For that eternal moment, the denser emotions I was feeling stuck in were transmuted by the Golden Flame by such LOVE. When we experience this we are no longer on repeat. We are in the creativity of possibilities. I was held in a way I had not experienced from the Solar Sun before. I understood what creative Divine Expression of LIFE the Solar Sun is giving to Gaia and all her beings. 
It is truly amazing. Truly profound.
The Solar Sun is filling us with Grace.

Since we entered 2018 two words have been strongly resonating. Illumination and Amplification. These are strong words. They express powerful experiences. And so it is I realised on reflection, not a surprise that I was feeling challenged and felt the desire to return to the Hermitage to hide. But who what was I hiding.  Today on tidying up I found this pack of Cards which I haven't used for many many years. And I drew this card. No 4 - 'The Grace'. 

The Grace - '' The Graces transcendent lustre reflects the Divine, eternal feminine Sophia. Through shimmering curtain of crystal light. As The Grace lifts the veil that obscured the ultimate Truth of your being, you may well find this will challenge you on all levels. This is no soft, all loving mother into whose loving embrace you can sink: she is crowned by the lightening horns of Divinity. Even as she enables your greatest dream to manifest, she will test you to the core. The appearance of the Divine Feminine suggests that it is time for you to connect with your Soul. Her appearance indicates that is time to acknowledge her - to start expressing the deep yearning for connection with her that you feel, through service, relationships and creativity. It is time to live in alignment with your soul'' 
Devas of Creation - Cilla Conway.

A client of mine recently expressed this beautifully she said she was feeling this desire to live authentically and it was if she was 'coming out of the closet'

So for many of us in 2017, we were doing the hard work of releasing clearing all the old that we have been carrying for ourselves and each other. This is courageous work. And we are all part of a Global push to release move on. Making way for 2018 which is the year of manifestation for taking action.

While this is the energy which is coming through for 2018 we will still have our own personal unique arcs journeys of Healing and transformation. So as we continue with our own personal arcs journeys we will be held by the energy of 2018 which will create a different container for our process.
We will find that the vibration of 2017 with its push to clear will now have another push. And at times depending on where we are on our own journey, this will affect us differently. 
If we are still in the process of discovering what we need to clear - we are learning from this process - we will be needing time and space for healing and reflection. And at those time it is important that we do not fall into the old 3D ego mind of comparisons judgements. But remember to be patient gentle and know we are doing vital courageous work for ourselves and each other. We are all part of the spiral of life.

And then there will be other times where we will be given the experience of 'riding the wave' of being knowing our Co-Creativity. This will also challenge our old ways of being. And challenge those around us who might not be ready for taking that leap with you. At those times we might feel the comparisons and judgements from others as they fear the 'new you'

That beautiful piece of writing holds the key on how to navigate through this and that is connecting with the 'deep yearning of connection'. This will connect us with our Hearts. Moving away from the 3D ego mind space energy. This will inspire and comfort. Will bring us to wholeness and help to ground us. With connecting us with our Soul. With our Passion. With Spirit. Will connect us with patience compassion and grace.
We will experience that we are not alone and enable us more fully to find our Soul's Path. Our uniqueness. Our Divinity.

Blessed Be