Tuesday, 12 February 2019

When things go wrong it is a GIFT!

When things go wrong it is a gift No really it is!
We are in accelerated times. We have asked and are being asked to expand into an experience and expressions of joy that is not in the 3D 4D Matrix systems. There is a global timeline push - linked part of the Global Kundalini Awakening which we are all linked into. Which interconnects our individual paths. Has a Wider perspective.
Much of the focus of LightWorkers including myself for myself and others! Has been on our individual paths. On the personal experiences. The personal Shifts. And this is changing.
My own personal experience is that since 2019 there is a Global Shift to move us into work in COMMUNITY. To connect in Groups. this is part of UNITY consciousness. Experiencing our Interconnection. And it is Gaia who is asking us human beings to take responsibility and see our interconnection with one another and Gaia.
I know lots of people have talked written about putting out an intention for clear focused manifestation. However sometimes we are not aware of the lessons we are still learning and so are not ready for what we might be asking for that resides in a 5D or Higher Vibrational State of Beingness. For our lessons come in the form of patterns of behaviour and emotional attachments. These are aligned more with the 3D and 4D. 
And so sometimes we are not always in an energetic or vibrational place to actualise our Visions dreams intentions. When we have learnt - Then the energies are released and we Shift. We can then actualise for our Vibration is lighter. Literally lighter.
As I have moved along my own Ascension Arc I have noticed how systems approaches ways of being have not worked - not been appropriate. I have learnt this through trial and error. For instance times when I have felt ungrounded when I was more in the 3D 4D would mean my ego was blocking feeling an emotion. However, I increasingly experienced that when I felt ungrounded yes my Ego might be triggered but it was not due to an unresolved personal emotional issue but because I was about to received an Energetic Upgrade Download or Kundalini Rising. 
So when ever we are flummoxed. Confused. Not sure why something in our life is not working out. Either physically emotionally spiritually personally or in our environment. If our plans are not going as we imagined. We are being given a gift.
I remember I know that my human imagining is limited. So the more that I we move into a lighter way of being. The more wider possibilities can be co-created. 
I remember it is more about allowing Wonders to evolve and go with the flow. It is not about pushing. 
I remember that I am so used to listening to the ego mind and 3D 4D Matrix it is reprogramming myself out of that habit. It is learning the difference between the ego voice from the other Higher Vibrational Communications. 
I am learning. To stop. Take a breath. Be Still. And ask for Guidance without attachment. 
When something is not working out how I planned it that it is a GIFT. When something is 'going wrong' it is an opportunity for a Shift into other possibilities. For releasing and growth. The unexpected.

And so I have learnt to ask to trust. Be in the present moment. And then the Guidance can be received. The Intuition Higher Self Guides Spirit speaks. Only when we can shut our ego mind chattering! Then we can notice observe. 
Always notice. observe. Being mindful curious non judgemental. Compassionate. And if we find we are in a more emotional state of being - notice observe etc! 

It is a constant application. Ascension is focus and at the same time relaxation! It is not stressed or reactive. Like the Zen Archer who holds the tension in the bow and arrow with the intention to hit the target but without attachment. So the archer becomes the bow. The target is the archer. And there is no longer any distance. Gone is linear experience. 
For we are part of a wider more complex interlinked Creation. Our Higher Self knows this. Our Soul. Our Intuition can sense the signs communications from Spirit and Higher Dimensional Guidance. Guides. 
And because we are much more than our human ego mind can imagine our soul paths are more so much more. And so are our Gifts. So are the co-creations. 
So that is why when 'things do not go as planned' we are doing something right not wrong! We are opening ourselves up to SO MUCH MORE.

Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Image by Elizabeth Rudwick

Greetings Beautiful Ones.
The last few days have in my own experience been intensive emotional clearing. I have moved today into an awareness of this process which I wanted to share which I felt might be useful. Which is this. 
We are breaking free. And in breaking free from the illusion I find myself experiencing sadness grief of realising the separation in a more profound way.
With this awareness I have the memory that 3 years ago when I remembered my StarSeed Origins and my beloved home of Lemuria I was filled first with utter BLISS JOY and then loss and sadness and grief of not being in Telos.
It was a revelation and release to realise and witness my journey that part of the process is LETTING THIS GO. Knowing that I choose all my experience. That this IS part of the process of of AWAKENING! Not being stuck in the Victim. Being the ALL PRESENT NOW! ALL IS HERE NOW.
So we can experience all our LIVES NOW!

As we expand more into our remembering and co-creating of our multi-dimensional selves we uncover the masks the layers of what we thought we are. The roles we put on to comply fit in to the Matrix/system/3D/Patriachy. 
We are truly in WONDROUS times where so many are Awakening. We are not only finding reclaiming our Soul Parts out Soul Note. We are finding each other. 
It is with the most profound WONDER that I find myself where I am. The Spiral the journey so long and yet always reconnecting so much to the places where we started our journey. 
Mid December last year I realised that I the Universe had arrived at a place where I was ready to take the leap from the Matrix/system/3D/Patriarchy. This was after 4 years working part-time in schools pastorally and part-time as LightWorker Wayshower. 
Since taking the Leap I realised I was on track with the completion of the 7 year cycle of Ascension which many of us awoke to in 2012. 
All along this process I felt the struggle to release myself from the system. I felt my ego/mind fears of not having the security of a fixed future. This fed into the belief of lack of - of not being enough. This is THE FALL FROM GRACE which was the systems distortion of the truth. The LightBringer - Lucifer who resonates with the Star Venus which is LOVE was condemned as the Devil for daring to shine her his light of Divinity. 
Now many of us are waking up to the falsehood of the system. And so I remember who I was when I was a child. Where I struggled to comply with the systems. Including being expelled from a Covent they said I was influenced by the Devil - I was 8 at the time! I have had an interesting relationship with Christianity! at 20 I was fooled by a friend to go to her church and they tired to exorcise what they said was the Devil in me. It was bit of an anti-climax for them! 
So as I share part of my story there - I am laughing for that is also part of this releasing is our STORIES!!! For years I held onto Anger - I held onto Anxiety - people can call this stages of Grief. But in the end this too we release.
And then we remember who we are. And this might rattle our or other cages. For it is time for the illusion the falseness the ego traps to dissolve with patience humility compassion and comUNITY.

Saturday, 2 February 2019

Channelled Message

Channelled Message

The last week and intensely this last couple of days many people have experienced in themselves or those around intense emotional clear releasing. This is preparing many for the next Shift. Today I was getting a feeling that we are heading for a momentous event. Then speaking with two fellow LightWorkers I then was given clear message and image.
Gaia is going to SHIFT (again!). The Magnetic Pole and Shield will be affected. This is a natural occurrence and in the past people would not have felt the significance of this. However this Shift is coming at a significant time in the Ascension timeline. With more of us working with our Galactic Teams with the Grids Timelines Temples - together this will affect all life on Gaia. So people all around Earth whether conscious or not of this process will be affected. We are Co-Creating. Supporting Gaia and us to re-align. Back to 7D.
And not only this! All the Parallel Universes will be coming into harmony. And all those Timelines which were artificially placed with 'fake' lower vibrations will be erased. By fake I mean as in not true. Not true to Divine Harmonic Resonance. 
I was given an image of a movement of joyous spiralling of Galaxies around the Divine Source Eye Central Solar Logos.
I would also like to add that Dragons are AWAKENING. There are Awesome Divine Makers Co-Creators of All. They are immense and the most Ancient. They are resonating in all Elements that created All - so they form the substance Elements of everything and are reflected again and again. So they can be small and vast. 
The Dragons were asleep in eggs in the Earth. Two lovely people one is Denise Chadwick have seen the eggs and relayed this to me. I have felt experienced the Dragons Awakening. New Dragons are being birthed. So as more of us are Awakening to their presence. We can call on them to assist on this Shift. 

So individually we will increasingly feel sense immediately the affect of that which we focus on. Literally we are magnets! What do we call into our reality. What is reflected mirrored. We will be called on to release the deepest patterns/low vibrations that we have carried for long long time. And know that now is the best time for so so much light is coming in to assist. Many of us are reconnecting. No more are we working in isolation. So we are really supporting all of us. 
We are being called to work on with one another and the Land. All this is connected. We ARE READY!
As I said I do not usually get Channelled Messages like this. But I like many others are now moving into being able to sense feel not just Globally but also Galactic. This is part of the natural progression of Lightworkers. From working 1:1 to Groups to wider more Global and Galactic. As more of us shift into a Quantum state of being. 
Blessed Be LOVE.

Thursday, 24 January 2019

Call from the Heart - Ho'Oponopono

I am Sorry.
Please forgive me.
I love you.
Thank you

A simple sweet message to all who may feel
Heavy of the Heart at the Global Events

Gaia is a Divine Being with a Soul
We are All Divine Beings with a Soul
There is a Divine Purpose Always

It is our Human Being Challenges 
To go to the Heart of the Matter
The Root of all Dis-Ease

Each Individual is connected to many and All Individuals

So the Cure of Dis-Ease is seeking out with 
Open Curiosity Compassion
Those parts so we can learn the Knowledge the Wisdom

So we are being asked to see the connections of ourselves with the Wider Selves
Individual and Others

Sometimes it is an individuals or collective 
to journey into the most painful places

Many individuals Many Collectives have learned
Wisdom Gained that we are all connected
No one or group is to Blame
 Healing oneself is Healing the Many

To move to embracing the responsibility we can 
Release and be in Harmony

We are collectively being faced with a Global Shift
Which is bringing to light all those previously unforgiven parts energies 
Thoughts Actions Emotions Deeds to the Surface
They are being played out
So that many can Learn and Choose

As so many wise ones have said
The path to healing oneself is 
Focusing Ones Awareness Consciousness Thoughts Intention Deeds
On the light in those darkened places

It is possible to Heal the seemingly Impossible
For all is of our Creation
If it was not we would be powerless
But we are in fact more powerful than our minds imagining

It is at these time we are being asked to see the truth
Of Microcosm and Macrocosm.

Each one of us being given choice after choice
With the Challenges To Shine
We will be faced by the same situations the same pain repeatedly
Being given the opportunity to Understand and Release Once and For All
Move beyond the binds which we thought kept us Safe

We are being given the Choice to Be with ourselves Open Hearted
To Be with One another
Can we be Seen when we are the most vulnerable
When we are in pain
For that is where the Beauty is
Tender Hearted Warriors

The Wise Ones from Hawaii have this prayer
Knowing the wisdom
 Those who hurt another hurt themselves
Those who are hurt have the power to release the other from Pain
Ending the cycle.

Call upon the Courage in ourselves and one another
To be true with ourselves and another
Listen. See. Hear. Feel. Sense. 
Fully Alive.
Then we can choose an En-Light-end Path.
Heart Based
Harmonious beyond Judgement

Ho'oponopono Prayer is Christ Consciousness is New Earth Awareness
Said by all 

I am Sorry.
Please forgive me.
I love you.
Thank you

Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Planetary Alignment and Remembering

When we were are in the Garden of Eden/Lemuria/Avalon - Gaia at Vibrational Being in 5D - it was is possible to be in the Now is Everything moment - Divinity. But the Universe/We chose to experience 3D. So we including Gaia moved away from the Now is Everything

When we moved from 5D to 3D - a denser slower vibrational reality which polarises and creates walls of division. So we moved into forgetting. We could not recall past incarnations. We did not have access to Higher Awareness Knowing Now is Everything Vibration that is 5D and higher. We forgot our Sovereign Divine Connection.

Our Now is Everything became hidden deep in our Higher Vibrational Centres - Chakras in our Bodies and our Higher Self became separated. These Chakras are Multi-Dimensional Portals Gateways that exist within our 3D physical layer of our Bodies. So we are not just 3D but Multi-dimensional Beings.

And sleeping in our Root Chakras at the base of our Spines is the Dragon. Kundalini. The Divine Source Energy. More and more are having spontaneous Kundalini Awakening. This is shifting the energies laying dormant forgotten not just in the Root but all the Chakras. This is not a ego/mind process. It is beyond the rational logical and is experiential.

As this energy moves up the body through the Chakras more and more are cleared and the Chakras expand and take in more light. And so we are Awakening. We are moving from 3D and 4D to 5D to then Shift to Higher Vibrational Now is Everything. All this is a natural process which does not require complex applications beliefs systems. It is our natural evolution to return to our Divine State.

The Grand purpose of this Experiment was to birth Spirit into physical realities. We are co-creating something new.

Ascension is a process where we are Clearing all the duality and heavy energies at the Core of our Being the Root Chakra so for a lot of us issues around - Security - Sustenance - Value - Relationships - Family - Home are coming up. As we clear this we then move onto the other Chakras - Sacral which is Creative Centre - Solar Plexus our Intuition connecting with the Solar Energies and Will purpose - Heart - relationships worth - Throat - voice manifestation - Third Eye - Vision Purpose Intuition - Crown remembering our Connection to Divine Source.

Emotions are attached around these core root issues are memorised in our bodies. The Chakras have relationships with one another and with our physical bodies. As our Bodies are vibrating and taking holding more light this is creating release at a cellular level. Which is rippling out to all our Chakra Energy Centres and our emotional - mental layers.

Many of us are having emotions and physical symptoms come up 'out of the blue'. Which can be very disconcerting. Our Minds will want and search for a reason for these intense emotional states such as Anxiety or Rage for instance. So Know this - We are clearing at the deepest most core ancient level. Because we ARE becoming more enLIGHTened. Because we ARE more awakened. This is Ascension. We are Doing it!

All we need do is breathe. Be with the emotions with non judgement. This creates Space to observe and Learn any teachings. And all will be released.

As we do this we are remembering that all we have experienced and are experiencing we chose. And so we are moving out of the Victim Belief system. And more into our Sovereignty.

As more of us as we become lighter we will are remembering our past incarnations. And we are more frequently able to move more into the Now is Everything.

So as we are moving from the 17th to 21st to the Planetary Alignment and Full Moon on the 21st. This will support our bodies all our selves to re-align. To retune so we are more in harmony. We are being given the opportunity to embrace all that we have experienced. We will see that all is energy as we move beyond the 3D Judgemental Vibration. And experience again and again until we are Now is Everything. 

Saturday, 5 January 2019

End of 7 Year Cycle

2012 to 2018 and 2019 to 2025. The magical number 7.
I have been taking some time to take a breath pause and reflect back. For I and I believe others will have experienced an end of a cycle. Looking back I realised that this began in 2012 when I have my first Ascension Arc Awakening which was the start of a 7 Year Cycle - for this completed the end of 2018. For I took the leap to 100% to dedicating to my Souls Calling.
7 as many of us know is a significant number for many Spiritual Paths. Made up of 3 Trinity and 4 Earth Foundation. 7 is seen in so many structures days of the week - chakras - colour. It resonates with the Ouroboros. Wisdom and Eternity. Perfection and Unity. Initiation.
Couple of days ago I was with some beautiful Yoga Teacher friends who were sharing their experiences of January which is an intense month for them as so many people have 'New Year Resolutions' and push themselves to go to Yoga. This push though if it comes from a place of ego criticism is naturally hard to sustain.
So we are now entering another cycle of 7 which will lead us to the end of 2025. Many like myself have been feeling 2019 as the start of a new phase. The Wave that so many of us felt has moved us into this new phase. It is holding a Vibration that is supporting will enable others to also shift move through and join the Kundalini Awakening Ascension Arc.
So I am feeling called to listen to the cycle of Nature along with being aware conscious acknowledging that we have completed a significant Initiatory Cycle. January will continue to push all of us to Clear that which is no longer serving. So that we can really embrace this new 7 Year Cycle of Actualisation Manifestation Creativity Abundance.
In January we will be given the opportunity to look within - take time pause take a breath observe witness and release old patterns blocks contracts binds outdated systems thoughts mindsets beliefs ancestral scripts Karma. You name it! Time to Let go! So that we can all take the leap into New Earth.
So that is my resonance. It has been intensive for so many over the 7 years and reaching a peak at the end of 2018. With many still feeling the push to release. So Be gentle. Be Kind. Be soft. All is how it is meant. All will be and is in flow. Take a breath and create space - for then we can create. Have trust and Faith. Be with Spirit.
Heres to Unity and New Earth and so many many more connections and growing CommUNITY!
We are diverse in our UNITY
Blessed BE!

Friday, 4 January 2019

Spreading our Wings

Spreading our Wings....
The myth of unworthiness the 'Fall from Grace' was retold into the figure of Lucifer which translates as 'The LightBringer'. This 'Fallen Angel' is ALL of us and was demonised by linking into the idea of the devil. So many were told that they were born 'bad' even evil. This WAS part of the matrix/system/patriachy wanting to hold us back from experiencing our LIGHT WITHIN. That we are all EARTH ANGELS. WE ARE ALL LIGHTBRINGERS. 
Lucifer held/holds the EMERALD vibration in her HEART and this resonates with the Garden of EDEN BLISS. This is our natural state of being.

In this window before New Year as we move more into the Hermit/Hermitess we are embracing going into the darkness the void within where the DIVINE COSMIC FLAME IS. I am reminded of the much older myth of St George and the Dragon who went to the Cave outside the town and as the Dragon came out he sang to her and she transformed into the Maiden.
So many of us are facing the CORE unworthiness. Which is so part of the human condition. We are coming up to eons of this bondage which held us small. We are releasing so SO much. 
We are clearing all that NO LONGER serves. 

We are at a MOMENTOUS time where we are ALL being given the opportunity to SHIFT. So we are all THAWING OUR HEARTS. IT IS TIME TO LET GO OF ALL THE OLD SCRIPTS. We are being given the opportunity to experience this SPACE. This Space is of unconditional LOVE beyond JUDGEMENT. JUDGEMENT has been the unconditional structure keeping us held within karma which is the system which is the matrix/ego/patriarchy which kept us in polarisation.
As we go within the darkness deep in our Hearts and release that which we have been unconscious to we Shine the INNER FLAME OF DIVINE LIGHT and become that LIGHT. When embrace the Platinum Gold Silver Light. We embrace the Emerald Ray deep within Gaia's Heart. We resonate with Diamond Christ Light. WE RESONATE WITH THE LIGHT THAT WE ARE. I AM PRESENCE. 
As we are moving through these blocks - know we can ASK for support.....

Feel the arms of our Guardian Angels. Our Star Guides and Soul Family Ascended Beings. THE Cosmic Dragons who are the Elemental Life Force.  
Ask to feel the Courage that is the soft bending gentle heart.
Know our Roots are connected to Gaia deeply so we can tap into the light deeply within Gaia. Within our hearts and reach up to the SOLAR LOGOS.

Know that we are ready.
Know that all that we have been is just what we need to be who we are.
Know that we have already done this. 
Know that we are Divine LOVE.
know that we asked to be here at this time.

Know that the more we tune into our hearts and surrender. 
We can let go of our Egos and the fear of being 'too large'.

IN SERVICE. Ask for the Rose rays of Mary and Mary Magdalene.
We can be held through expanding our awareness by feeling held by Gaia. 
Blessed BE

Thursday, 3 January 2019

Dragon Codes Awaken


We are the BRIDGE the HEART between the SUN and EARTH.
We are Co-Creating Manifesting New Divinity which is New Earth.
We are Co-Witnessing the Birthing of New Earth.  
As Witnesses we are Mirrors of the Divine. 
We are Divine Flames birthed from Source of Sacred Fire Central Sun to Witness Creation.
Ascension is not linear so we are not waiting for a time when we are 'perfect' to Ascend. That is a mind/ego belief. 
As we move through phases of Ascension we peel back false selves and remember awaken jewels.
We are Ouroboros - Dragons eating our Tails. 
We are Ouroboros birthing the Golden Egg. New Earth which is US. 
The Divine Solar Logos is our HEARTS.
We are evolving dissolving.
As Dragons we are moving through the Elementals. 
Dragons are Celestial Beings that shape COSMOS.
We are rebirthing a thousand million billion trillion Dragons