Thursday, 15 November 2018

New Earth - All is Energy

New Earth.
We are Shifting from 3D to New Earth. We are remembering that we are Multi-Dimensional Beings and are so we are not Linear Beings. As we move from 3D Linear Time to 5D - New Earth - The Energy is a Faster Lighter Vibration - a Higher State of Consciousness. 
It is so Exciting because more and more of us are experiencing Shifting to a Higher State of Being Consciousness. And more and more people are sharing from their perspective their experience of this. And the more of us share this the more this is rippling inwardly and outwardly.
I have seen timelines like pillars above my clients heads with horizontal bands and these timelines are linked to the Akashic. So we all have access to seeing our Timelines that are connected to the Akashic. 
I have also been getting increased loss of 'memory' which I believe is forcing us to be in the NOW moment. So I am exploring this more and more and in my life. As we live more in the NOW we have access to ALL.
I have also experienced different timelines - in experiencing seeing people who I remember whole memories of knowing and being with. This occurred a few months back and was at first astounded at this person not remembering this not feeling our connection!  
For me I am experiencing different ways of BEING as energy so am EXPERIENCING FEELING different timelines of others that are separate to where I am in a more conscious aware way. I am no longer colluding with the false realities. I CHOOSE NEW EARTH. And especially living in the City which has a lot of people who are in their own timelines who are feeding into 3D Shared Realities and Shared Belief System of the Matrix. 
So I am experiencing moving through timelines - energies which are emotional states of being - realities not just of my own but others and how this creates collective experiences realities. Once we become more CONSCIOUS and aware of this - we can then relate to higher and lower states of being in a New Earth Way. We are remembering our Divine Light Vibration and that we Co-CREATE and have CHOICE! So am Becoming more enLIGHTened and empowered.
We are becoming CONSCIOUS. This is why the Ascension process is called AWAKENING.

Unity Rose

It has been just over 30 years since my mother died of Breast Cancer. And through recent challenges that the Universe - I - gave me I have released and so opened up to Divine Feminine and Masculine Unity Rose of Unconditional Love and Compassion and Forgiveness. 

It was from this space that I was able to deeply and lightly grieve and let go of the suffering pain of my Mother and therefore also connecting to Gaia and the suffering humans are creating. In a way not to be in denial and not to be overwhelmed. This is the delicate balance. 

Since a child I have felt the loss disconnection with Gaia and wondered why humans act behave as they do.
This separation from Divine Soul Light that is within us all. This 'Fall from Grace' Which so many of us have numbed from. Now is the time to thaw those Frozen Hearts. To Fully be alive. 

And so I was called to Co-Create the Evening Charity Event on 21st December. Opening up to the Divine Rose Energies. 

And alongside side this - part of this - is opening to Gaia's Kundalini Energies The Dragon Energies. It was yesterday evening I asked the Divine Ones what next shall I do to Create New Earth. What are my next steps and over and over and over came this message
For me the Dragon Codes link into the true Ancient Avalonia which is not the 4D Mythical stories of King Arthur etc. It is the Isle of Green Apples - the same Apples of the Garden of Eden. The Soul Vibration of Divine Feminine Gaia. 

The 4D Myth held some memories and elements of Avalonia such as the Priestess of the Lake and Dragon Energy. But because Avalonia was the most recent in the Linear 3D Human History timeline it has been the most hidden and misunderstood. 

Avalonia was is connected to Lemuria and both were taken into the arms of the Grail Water....
 Many many years ago I wrote a poem that was 'downloaded' of sleeping dragon tongues in every women's womb. And then over the last 5 weeks one woman after another have come to me with Energetic Pregnancies.

Women are mirroring the Birthing and Holding energetically the Birthing of New Earth with Gaia. And the Kundalini Dragon Energies.

So I am connecting to this and the Divine Feminine this space....

Thursday, 8 November 2018

Take the Leap of Faith

The Universe reflects ourselves back again and again until we have fully learnt the from the Patterns that goes deep. That have grown deeply
And for me my pattern stems from Atlantis where I perceive I am the Lone Rescuer fighting injustice. 
The way to releasing ourselves is to become conscious. To be compassionate with ourselves and one another. And to be the Divine Witness of ourselves and each other.
And so I experienced myself moving between the Frequencies. I saw myself act from 'outside the box' from a Higher Awareness to then feel myself drop down when this was not understood or seen by those around me.
And so I catch myself falling and I Understand. That when we come from a Higher State of Being of Frequency we will not be understood from the Mainstream Matrix. And therefore it might be that we walk away and this could be interpreted as not caring not compassionate. But it is not. 
I know that at these times we are being shown 
We are asking to be shown the deepest of the patterns.
So we can fly. 
So we can shine. 
We are ALL needed just as we are. 
For all that we have been. 
It is part of our Journey. 
When we are being in Higher Frequency.
So Lets take the Leap of Faith together.
For it will take each one of us when we do no feel ready. 
Take that Leap of Faith.
To be different. To Listen to our Heart and Soul.

We do this for ourselves and each other.  
Blessings Brothers and Sisters

Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Remember your Divinity

So how do you find your Heart? How do you find your Gifts? When Life throws the inexplicable painful. When you are clinging on in pain be it emotional or physical. How do you? 
Remember that Life gives you what you can handle. 
We ALL have the inner and outer resources.  
Do not let the external environments systems and people define who we truly are. 
Sometimes we are ahead of the times so ASK for help from all your Soul Family.
Ask to see that the challenges are there so we can move up the ladder 
so we can give a hand up to those coming behind us. 
Remember we are Light Showers sharing (as well as showing) the way forward. 
That our Mind/Ego likes it safe but that is not necessarily what will make our Soul Heart Sing. 
That our Mind/Ego is not the place of Visions and Imagination. Of Dreams and Creation.
Speak gently with our Mind/Ego and Inner child selves. 
Allow ourselves to be open vulnerable.
Allow ourselves to make 'mistakes' as an Artist I know that the 'mistakes' not knowing brings forth CREATION out of the UNKNOWN.
Dare to take that leap of faith even when we doubt. 
Remember that WE ALL are going through tremendous times of Change and Evolution. 
This growth this transition will be pushing through barriers.
Remember we are not alone even when we think we are.
Remember we asked to be here. That we are being courageous because we dreamed of so much.
Remember we are needed not despite of what we have experienced or been but BECAUSE of this.
Remember we are Divine.
Remember we are unique with unique gifts.
Remember that for every second of inspiration  ~ this ripples Magnificently 
through the Cosmos ~ echoing the Divine Plan. 
Remember we can choose how we experience Life.
Remember to give thanks gratitude for the beauty that is Gaia that is Life and each other.

Ask yourself how can you help support yourself and each other and come up with YOUR LIST this is just mine.

Tuesday, 30 October 2018

And so we Fly

Remembering that for every second of Inspiration 
This ripples Magnificently through the Cosmos 
Echoing the Divine Plan.

We are Space

"Quantum physics tells us that nothing that is observed is unaffected by the observer. That statement, from science, holds an enormous and powerful insight. It means that everyone sees a different truth, because everyone is creating what they see'' N.D Walsch. 
In Unity Consciousness we are the Co-Creators. We are not isolated bodies victim to an overall reality. Instead we are part of a complex interweaving. Reality is in constant Flow. For Quantum Physics also showed us that though our Ego/Mind sees in 3D and only sees solid in fact we are mostly made up of Water. And beyond that we are in fact mostly made up of Space. Water in Space!
All is Energy. All is Vibration. All is Sound. 
So what if we viewed all life all experience as Energy Vibration and Sound. 

This is what I have been moving through increasingly. FEELING SENSING emotions as energy not just in myself but in others and the environment. When we do this our perception changes. And with that a Cellular shift also occurs. This is ONE And the SAME. Internal External. Microcosm Macrocosm. 
We find that we FEEL SENSE more of our Bodies movement deeper. We FEEL SENSE the vibrations. WE BECOME more Alive. And this is an ECSTATIC experience. We are all thawing out. So for some and for others sometimes, this is like when we have been numb with the cold it can be painful to get the feeling back. 
We are becoming evolving more to a Higher Vibrational State of Being where we are not victim to or reactive to events. Instead we see ourselves flowing through moving through many WAVES and THREADS of Energy. Both internally and externally. ALL IS ENERGY. 
My recent experience feels like thousands of bubbles - like when one opens up a bottle and the bubbles move up to the surface. We are like all these bottles with our tops being removed! Might sound a bit scary to the Mind/Ego. Just because it's a bit different! 
And so some might also be having dreams or worries about illness or death. For this is ourselves working through the Shift and coming to terms with the Transition Change and what is unfamiliar unknown. It is akin to an Ego/Death. We are shedding many skins. 
In a recent Session I used the visualisation of releasing a heavy invisible coat - made up of trauma unresolved pain emotions from others and ourselves. It is as if we do not notice it is there - so it has become invisible and so we believe this is us. But in fact we do not need to carry this coat. First we need to notice remember it is there. Then the next step is to take the risk of letting this go. When we do then we realise and can wonder at all the weight we were carrying. And then the coat can truly dissolve. 
We are going through another Wave Shift which has occurred after the last Full MOON. 
A couple of nights ago I had a brief Lucid Dream where I was Activated in a huge Pyramid with all my Chakras alined and the Top ones spinning as the Mekabah. I also was in Sedona. 
When we vibrate at higher frequency the barriers of time and space dissolve. So we experience 'time travel' for time is not linear. Neither is Space. 
Some are feeling the Gateway of 11/11. 
Take time to take a breath. Be in Nature. Drink lots of Water.

Friday, 14 September 2018

Opening Hearts and Hands

Important Messages  
Signs ~ messages ~ synchronises ~ shamanic medicine ~ Light codes ~ repetition ~ Divine Intervention ~ premonitions ~ deja vu ~ many are experiencing this increasingly more frequently. This IS 5D. Where we see hear feel experience the Flower of life ~ web ~ interconnectivity. 
I have been hearing the intention energy awareness LOVE of Gaia and Divine Celestial Goddess Feminine ever since I stated my intention to hold a satellite 1000 Goddess Ceremony Ritual Circle Gathering.
And so as we are nearing the powerful Autumn Equinox Full Moon Portal. I was just asking this morning why so many came to the Dark Moon Sounding with Gong last weekend and only some would hear the call for the Autumn Equinox Full Moon. And I very clearly was told - and this is obvious I know but I needed to hear it! That not everyone will be ready to receive on the Autumn Equinox.
This is the paradox of The Fall from Grace. That though we can long to belong. To be INLOVE. We hold on tight. We are so used to that state of aloneness - of our Hearts being strained that it takes practice to be tender hearted. To loosen that grip. Can we take that leap of faith when we are surrounded by so much noise and distraction. Can we trust to unclench our hands and lay our palms open. 
The noise and distraction externally and internally has tried to keep us numbed hindering us from thawing the ice around our hearts. But every second that we FEEL ~ has the power of a thousand Angels. Just opening that crack lets SO SO SO  much in. For the Light LOVE IS SO much more powerful. And it is having a ripple effect. For that second is TIMELESS. And reaches within and without deeply and lightly. So though we can all feel disHeartened feels like one step forward two back at times - know that that one step forward is HUGE! WE in fact cover more distance in that ONE step. REALLY TRULY! Is that not WonderFULL! Is that not MAGICAL and DIVINE! So rejoice and try and remember this when times are challenging. 
If you feel called to join me on Sunday 23rd I will be truly honoured and touched for we are supporting co-creating together. For you we will be daring to be radical. For you we will be opening our hands and hearts to give and receive.
Blessings and Blessed Be 

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Divine Remembering

Goddess hear my Heart Calls Yearning
Don't let me fall into forgetting
Help me take one leap after another leap after another leap after another
So I can fly deeply lightly WILDLY with you 
Help me dare to LOVE life fully now and in every moment
Help me to fall deeply INLOVE 
Desire passion with intention with precision delicately thunderously 
So I hear my HEART beating with LOVE
May this also be so for you my beloved ones 
Remember you are precious you are unique you are loved you ARE LOVE
Now now now now now and for ever