Friday, 14 September 2018

Opening Hearts and Hands

Important Messages  
Signs ~ messages ~ synchronises ~ shamanic medicine ~ Light codes ~ repetition ~ Divine Intervention ~ premonitions ~ deja vu ~ many are experiencing this increasingly more frequently. This IS 5D. Where we see hear feel experience the Flower of life ~ web ~ interconnectivity. 
I have been hearing the intention energy awareness LOVE of Gaia and Divine Celestial Goddess Feminine ever since I stated my intention to hold a satellite 1000 Goddess Ceremony Ritual Circle Gathering.
And so as we are nearing the powerful Autumn Equinox Full Moon Portal. I was just asking this morning why so many came to the Dark Moon Sounding with Gong last weekend and only some would hear the call for the Autumn Equinox Full Moon. And I very clearly was told - and this is obvious I know but I needed to hear it! That not everyone will be ready to receive on the Autumn Equinox.
This is the paradox of The Fall from Grace. That though we can long to belong. To be INLOVE. We hold on tight. We are so used to that state of aloneness - of our Hearts being strained that it takes practice to be tender hearted. To loosen that grip. Can we take that leap of faith when we are surrounded by so much noise and distraction. Can we trust to unclench our hands and lay our palms open. 
The noise and distraction externally and internally has tried to keep us numbed hindering us from thawing the ice around our hearts. But every second that we FEEL ~ has the power of a thousand Angels. Just opening that crack lets SO SO SO  much in. For the Light LOVE IS SO much more powerful. And it is having a ripple effect. For that second is TIMELESS. And reaches within and without deeply and lightly. So though we can all feel disHeartened feels like one step forward two back at times - know that that one step forward is HUGE! WE in fact cover more distance in that ONE step. REALLY TRULY! Is that not WonderFULL! Is that not MAGICAL and DIVINE! So rejoice and try and remember this when times are challenging. 
If you feel called to join me on Sunday 23rd I will be truly honoured and touched for we are supporting co-creating together. For you we will be daring to be radical. For you we will be opening our hands and hearts to give and receive.
Blessings and Blessed Be 

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Divine Remembering

Goddess hear my Heart Calls Yearning
Don't let me fall into forgetting
Help me take one leap after another leap after another leap after another
So I can fly deeply lightly WILDLY with you 
Help me dare to LOVE life fully now and in every moment
Help me to fall deeply INLOVE 
Desire passion with intention with precision delicately thunderously 
So I hear my HEART beating with LOVE
May this also be so for you my beloved ones 
Remember you are precious you are unique you are loved you ARE LOVE
Now now now now now and for ever

Sunday, 29 July 2018

Language of the Heart - Path of the Radical

Image - Way of the Lemurian Heart by Elizabeth Rudwick

It is a Courageous Act to be Open Hearted
To be Naked Exposed Vulnerable
When one does this out in the Open Public
Especially with people we do not know or think we do not know it is the more Precious

We hide from ourselves from each other
Mask ourselves with Names Labels Qualifications 
We lock ourselves in
As I write this societies archetypal images of Madness come to mind
Running Naked in the Street and/or Confined to a Padded Cell
Such is the Fear That to be Open Hearted might to some appear as Madness
What if we were in the experience of being in Love and this was not attached to one individual
What then?

As a Practitioner I serve myself and others to co-create 
The Space where we can BE 
Authentic. Not Trying 
By being myself showing sharing what where who I am
Has not arrived at through complexed studies 
With Teachers who have Titles such as Master Professor Doctor 
I am showing sharing that we ALL are SOVEREIGN beings.
Inherent in our DNA we are BEAUTIFUL EMPOWERED
Beyond our conscious mind ego imaginings 

When people have experienced my work either 1:1 or in groups
And want to know how I arrived at where I am
I am sometimes asked - what are my qualifications - who have I studied with
This pulls us away from being seeing each other - our uniqueness in the moment.
Now together

Depending on titles qualifications names and lists we are categorised
as either good enough or wanting.
In our 3D Society we are used to Knowledge Skills being 
Given Granted Allowed 
Only the select few chosen 
The Elete Creme of the Creme
And those with Money having the power to buy the keys to unlock the door to the 
Heavy Manuscripts those mysteries written in languages that must be taught.

I am reminded of the time where I went to hear one of the Kogi Elders
Who had travelled to London. After the talk the Elder came up to me and started
speaking. He did not speak English or Spanish. And knew i did not speak his language
But I did not at the time know how to be with him and LISTEN WITH MY HEART.
And so I kept on saying 'I don't understand what you are saying to me'
And every time I said this the more saddened he looked. More frustrated.
This moment has stayed with me since.

Your beauty creativity is not GIVEN 
And more importantly if this is the case was not TAKEN AWAY BY ANOTHER

I am being RADICAL
I am saying NO to the 3D Matrix Hierarchy Capitalism Duality

Where I know I remember when where there IS NO
Them & Us - Victim & Aggressor -  Poor & Rich - Stupid & Intelligent

I am Daring just by being ME!
I am Daring to say NO to the oppression of 3D

We All have ARE A VOICE. We ALL can FEEL sound. We ALL Breathe.

One of my Totem Power Animals is the Spotted Hyena.
They are powerful hunters. They are intelligent. They are Loyal.  
They are powerful with jaws that can crunch through metal.
They have been on this planet in this form when there were dinosaurs. 
They have been carrying humans projected fears for a long long time.
That is how powerful and beautiful they are.

So maybe your SOUND is includes the
RAW of Lion
WHISPER of the leaves
CRY of the Whale
SQUEAK of mouse
Rasping RATTLE of snake
HOWL of Wolf
or the Song of a Nightgale

Are we not ALL part of the COSMIC ORCHESTRA 

Why limit ourselves to all being a Nightingale 
If we did we would DENIGH WHO WE ARE 


With GRATITUDE to my beautiful soul mates who dare to BE
And support others to BE as well
Whose awareness and words are in this Sharing
MY LOVE to you ALL


Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Red Moon Eclipse & Lions Gate

Inline image

Lyrans Song by Elizabeth Rudwick

27th July will be the Full Blood Red Moon Eclipse.
And we are entering another powerful gateway which will reaching a peak on 8th of August. Sun in Leo.
With the Eclipse of the Moon the focus will be on balance.
Seeing where there is separation - duality - division so we can move into Balance. Enabling being more fully present with ALL Darkness and Lightness. Everything between.
Being with our Mind and Emotions. Connecting more with being present with our Body.
For me I am finding this time the Sun is blazing burning to the bare bone. So I am finding refuge in the Woodland Green Glades. For the Sun is shining a light on those places requiring release. And I am needing cool shade of the Heart Glade. These last few days my emotions are super intense with a feeling ungroundness which I haven't felt for along time. So reconnecting with ones HEART CHAKRA is key.
Placing a hand on the middle of your chest and breathe in the Solar Energy so we
are reminded that it is not these events that are triggering any discomfort of di-sease.
The light is illuminating that which will no longer serve us as we become more enLIGHTENED. We LIGHTENup.
Seek out Woodland places that resonate with the Green Heart Space and feel held support nourished nurtured a balm for the emotions/mind and body.
The number 8 we are aware is about Infinity and transformation. It is Key to unlocking mystery.
So as and when we clear the heavier denser energies/patterns/emotions etc
We can allow more space for the Mystery to be experienced. To experience more. Truly our Divinity.
I wish you all a beautiful transformative Lions Gate.
Know that we asked to be here at this time. To assist ourselves and one another to evolve.
We are releasing lifetimes of patterns for many.
We are being courageous and strong.By being Sensitive.
Not all that we interact with will necessarily be fully ready to respond to the changes in how you are.
You might feel at odds not sure how to behave for the old you no longer fits. So we might not feel ready ourselves! 
One powerful process - Awareness I have been increasingly finding If I slip into old habits laziness of thought/action/emotion of Reaction the Universe mirrors this back IMMEDIATELY.
We are under a spot light!
Which means we ready to see that we are truly co-creators and there is no division.No seperation. That is a powerful realisation which appears to be a gradual releasing of the layers to this fact!
So this is a dance like the number symbol 8. Where I am coaching teaching gently my mind/ego to a new way of being. I find this doesn't necessarily make everything easy.
For change is challenging for us humans and ego/mind.
I am finding therefore that I am needing to step back and pause. Being still even if that is or especially when I have been with others. The Masks will no longer work.
Being Open Hearted is therefore a Courageous act.
There is no manual. It is experiential. 
I look forward to seeing you in the Autumn the other side of August!
Remembering to be gentle kind - being with our Hearts -
This is a time to be aware of all those times we were have are harsh with ourselves and therefore one another.
For this reflects how much we all can give and receive LOVE.

Much LOVE Peace and Blessings

Thursday, 12 July 2018

July New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse

Greetings - July 12th is the first of 3 Eclipses and is also the July New Moon. This is a time for global shift and if you are a LightWorker - Energy Worker - Sensitive - Psychic - Empath - StarSeed it is likely that at this time you will be feeling the push/pull at this time. It is a time for Death and Life. It is an opening and a Portal. It is a time for those layers which we have been carrying to be peeled away. It is an opportunity for deep releasing on a Cellular and DNA Level. At an Ancestral level.

It is I feel important for each one of us to remember we are  unique and so we all have our own journey and paths to walk explore learn and discover. And some will feel a resonance with others and our own experiences might be similar - while others this might not be the case. During this time there are those who will be sharing their own experiences including their predictions of this time. My sharing might resonate with yours and might not. Some of what I might share, you might not have experienced now but you might experience later on. It is useful I think to see the diversity along with seeing the patterns and resonances.

Today I reclaimed - awoke to a new word. Discernment. This for me replaces the word Judgment and can move us from the duality of Them and Us. Move us from the polarising of what is good and what is bad. Move us on from comparing and seeking approval. It resonates with the Higher Heart Mind. So when we hear read others sharings and wonder at others experience and find ourselves comparing this with where we are - what we are experiencing -  We can instead notice the behaviour pattern of comparing and judging and move into one of inquisitiveness curiosity and know we have the skill to discern what resonates with us without the emotions of unworthiness or shame. We can see how this frees up our experiences and gives the space to share. To be with ourselves and one another. No need to fix.

And so as I witness my own experience of my many selves, which includes a challenging intense physical experience I have been with the space of discernment. I have been aware how if I have the symptoms of a cold or flu or migraine then my Ego mind can say 'I have the cold and have caught a bug' and so does not have to engage with the deeper process of the dis-ease. I can disown the process and blame it on an outside force. However today very intensely, and over the previous two days, I have been experiencing aches and pains without any other symptoms. So my ego mind has not been able to file this experience away and has wanted to fix it. I then remembered that I have had these physical experiences when I went to my first 2 Gong Baths and when I went to see a talk by a Kundalini Teacher who sang. Both times my body went into intense aches and pains. The other was when I was on my retreat up on the Mountain Cadair Idris. And so realised that I was going through energetic shifting. Releasing core emotions held deep in my bones and this time I was not at a focused setting but this was occurring in my 'everyday life'. And I then realised that something exceptional was occurring an outside experience was effecting me internally.

I had interestingly 'forgotten' that today was the Partial Solar Eclipse and New Moon. And then I remembered and all made sense. It is a feeling akin to growing pains when I was young. And I have found myself needing to sleep a lot along with being with the pain. When I allowed myself to give space and rest and Be - the releasing could then take it's course. I also realised that my Ego/Mind just needs that reassurance that all is OK. I have been through this before and probably will again. That nothing is wrong. I am getting to the 'Bare Bones' if you like of all the old trauma/negativity/patterns that I have been holding onto. It is not just Ancestral Healing it is Releasing of all that we are ready to let go of.

And so I give thanks that I have allowed myself this time. And I know that I asked to be given this opportunity to not only clear for myself but also my Ancestors and all the other lifetimes and other selves. And I know that this releasing ripples out to others who I am and have a connection with. For we are not isolated beings.

It is a time to remember to be Gentle and Compassionate with ourselves. We are doing powerful work which takes time. At times it can be intense and other times it can seem a drip drip drip. But know that it takes the time that it needs. For it is layers which we are peeling back. And it is not just a Spiritual process - for we are Mind - Body - Spirit - Emotion - Etheric - Heart. Know that the further along the path we go the deeper we go. We are at a time where all of us are able to release much quicker. We are being assisted by Gaia and other Ascended Beings and StarSoul Family Guides. The energy container of Gaia has shifted along with the Solar Sun.

I am finding that it is increasingly possible to hold different realities and experiences simultaneously. I can be in physical pain - at the same time be aware of emotions attached - see those emotions be lifted from the body - feel my brain slow right down so be unable to think - And experience as if I am Glowing from within soaking up a subtle Light Energy.

So I have experienced that if I allow myself the time to be still and Be. I can then notice the more subtle energies. I can then experience the Light and I can experience the Support of the Lighter Ones around me. This makes this process that much smoother.

I share this with the intention that it might resonate and if it does then that is wonderful too for it shows how unique and Diverse we are. There is not the One right way! The wrong or right way.

I send this message with much Love and Light and the image that we are being held embraced in loving arms. We can hold ourselves and each other. Just by being true to who we are where we are.

When we feel our pain with compassion we can allow our Hearts to open that much more. We learn so much. We understand. Though there is no such thing as time - we have all the time we need.

I honour all of us Glorious Courageous Beings.
For we are unique expressions of the Divine.
WE ARE I AM presence.

Open Hearted Love Warrior

As long as I can remember I longed for love , approval and acceptance. To find home inside and outside of myself. This loss of heart connection I realised was is epidemic and for many spans many lifetimes. It is normalised as we tolerate one another and choose who and when we love. And so we speak of love but build walls around our hearts.

It is a personal practice of mine that when I pass others on the street and our gaze briefly touched - I acknowledge their life - their challenges - their longing to belong in the Heart. And if I feel a rejection - a closed heart from them I feel their heart space. I feel mine.

And so I can step aside and see the dance of the ego in myself and the other. I witness their and my reactions. With the awareness of their heart I do not need to engage with their emotions. And if I have emotions connected with judgement for instance such as rejection or shame I know they are mine to be with - thank - and release.

And so it is tenderly with patience that I witness this dance so many times every day. It enables me to step aside from the ego dance. No need to perform with a mask either for others or myself. Dare - be courageously soft and be naked and vulnerable - an Open Hearted Love Warrior 💗😁.
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Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Remembering our StarSeed Origins

Maybe you are like me -  as a child you felt different from those around you. Family and peers.
Maybe you did not feel that the family were your true family and you even asked your parents if you were adopted - this I did many times! Maybe you were filled with a knowing that you were different and found social situations challenging and did not understand accepted ways of behaving or being.
From an early age I found myself homeless at 14 and seeking counter and sub-cultures to belong hoping that this feeling of longing to find a home would be resolved. I would find my kin. I would at last feel I was speaking the same language I was sharing the same reality.
What happened was for near on 40 years I moved between many counter and sub-cultures. I explored  a range of groups beliefs and approaches to life. As I went from group to group I could see how each group had a specific identity - a vibration  - a connection. And still I could not settle. 
I read so many books and for a while certain books framed my experience of not belonging. But only for a while. I found the terms 'Borderland' 'Edgewalker' 'Shaman' 'Artist' 'Sensitive' 'Highly-Sensitive'
'Wounded Healer' 'Empath' 'Utopian' 'Anarchist' 'Queer' 'Poet' held my attention for a while but they too became restrictive. 
And so I moved on and sought to find home within. I returned to being in Nature to be with my experience of Gaia which was not Spirit in a human female form but a Vast Divine Being. I returned to being with Nature's children and asking Spirit where I could go to find Peace Understanding of who I was where my path was. In 2012 I found myself at Cadair Idris and was gifted by the experience of another Universe inhabiting this one - a Crystal Universe City where the Light Beings were the same as the structures that were surrounding them. So vast were they so high the vibration the experience literally blew my ego/mind. And it took to another 5 years for me to then Awaken to the Ascension Process. It was 2017 where I went searching after a month of migraines and waking up in the middle of the night to beams of light - that I heard the word Telos and my Heart burst open. Since then I have been on a steep journey of remembering my StarSeed Origins. 
During this time - of just over a year the emotions that I have carried not just from this life time but many others - of grief - guilt - loss - anger - sadness - shame - of the separation from my StarSeed Family Homes and Origins has come into focus. At first the pain was an acknowledgment a realisation of who I was. With this came such relief such joy and then more of the pain. For I then felt even more strongly the desire not to be present in my life now but back Home in Telos - in that beautiful 5th Dimension with my family. With such beauty and bliss. To feel at home. At Peace and with so much creativity and flow. 
I then found myself helping others to remember and be reunited with their Soul StarSeed Origins and Families. And as more people came to me - I then discovered more and more Souls from many Planets Dimensions and Galaxies - each having their unique resonances and gifts and soul purposes. Some which I had a connection with - the strongest being Acturian. I found myself journeying to many more realms for myself and others. And yet I was not able to feel the connection with Telos with Adama and my other Lemurian Family members. And I could not figure out why this was the case. What was I missing?
Then the answer came. Not out of searching or thinking. But through being in Circle Sacred Space with others in an open hearted intention. To serve and be without judgement or pressure to perform to ones Ego. Just be in the moment. And it was that space that enabled Adama and my family to return as they did when I was reunited with them and tears of joy flowed. I had returned home. Here now.
I realised at that moment that the heartache that I had been feeling - was stopping me from being present with my Soul - with my Extended Soul Star Seed Origins and Family. Through my attachment to the pain and emotions linked with that loss - 'Fall from Grace' - I was not accepting my choice I made to be here now. This was creating a block to my Soul Star Seed Connections. It was a wall. In that moment I realised how vast the Heart is and that all time is in the present moment. All lives are accessible through the Heart. That time is not linear. That ego/mind's attachment to past stories and emotions keeps us locked into a loop of emotions and fixed realities. 

And so today I realised why I have had the journey I have had - for in realising this block I now can describe name speak of this to others. For I know that many have this experience of not belonging and are at times flooded with emotions of heartache but do not know why. Or like me have had experiences of reuniting with their Soul StarSeed Families and Homes but are not able to feel a consistent connection. This is the KEY - The very emotions of Heartache that validated/explained the feelings/experience of not belonging and gave you a way to remembering who you are/your Soul Star Seed Origins can also be LOCK keeping you stuck in duality and separation. Our Ego/minds do not find change easy and can attach to emotions hoping to keep us locked into a reality. So the trick if you like is to gave space - allow those feelings and emotions to breathe and be so that they have expression and you can access forgotten and/or suppressed memories - to then allow those same feelings and emotions to be released. To surrender and LET GO. This enables a shift and change - an evolution. This is part of the Ascension process of remembering our StarSeed Origins. It is possible to be HERE NOW with our StarSeed Soul Origin and Families. It is possible to be HERE NOW in many Dimensions Times and Multiverses. Our StarSeed Soul Families so SO desire want us to know and experience that they are with us. And when this happens we are in UNITY in HEART space and al the struggle dissolves. We can BE in Bliss and Peace and Joy. The 3D issues we know are an illusion and all is LOVE and ABUNDANCE.

So if you are reading this and resonates with you. I have these suggestions. 
If you do have feelings of not belonging of grief - loss - anger - a sense of 'Falling from Grace' - try being with those emotions in a non judgmental way. Dare to give space to them in an open curious way see if there is an image or shape colour or sound that comes with those emotions. 

You can ask for a memory from a past life and see if an image comes. 
I did this a few months back as I have for years not liked to hear about read or even hear the word Atlantis spoken. So unconscious was my reaction so normalised I had become that I had not caught myself doing this. Until one day I said hold on why do I have this reaction/response to Atlantis. It was a feeling akin to being repelled. And so I asked when I had space and immediately I found myself back at Atlantis. A memory as fresh as tomorrow and with this memory all the challenging emotions which I had been carrying for so long I had buried now surfaced. This gave me an understanding of a deep pattern that I have been replaying ever since. One which I felt let down - alone - misunderstood and therefore alone. The dream I had - was lost and so many in Atlantis had chosen a path that did not resonate with me - that I chose to depart.  I then realised that I have been reliving this over and over. Including in this lifetime of feeling as if I am the only one who dares to experience life differently, who dares to speak out, who is different from others.

You can ask for support and Guidance from all that inhabits a Divine Vibration along with your Higher Self. Even if you at the time cannot get a sense of this. 
You can ask your Higher Self whether you are choosing not to fully remember. 
Ask if you are keeping yourself held in the past of forgetting. 
Ask if you can remember choosing to be here now. 

Remember that the Human Reality which is made up a lot of Ego/Mind is not the same as Gaia. 
So it is Vital to take time to be out in Nature. Dare to walk bare feet on the Earth so you can feel your skin be touched by the Earth. 
Ask to have the experience of being held by Gaia and Divine Vibrational Beings. 
When we are held and grounded we are then able to release emotions that are held within our physical structure in our 3D bodies. We are very much like trees - the deeper our energetic roots can connect with Gaia - the more we can reach to the Higher Vibrations through energetic branches that extend from our body like a complex web that surrounds us in an egg this can extend out out out.

Remember that in March 2017 an energetic veil surrounding Earth was lifted from Gaia. This veil had been supporting the forgetting and keeping the heavier energies and realities more firmly in place. Now the veil has been lifted it is SO much easier for everyone now to remember. To release those outdated patterns and energies. It is OK to remember many are now waking up. We are not alone. NOW is the time. More and more are experiencing the joy of remembering that we are multi-dimensional beings. Surrounded by so many beautiful beings. And we are alive on such a beautiful planet. If we stop and take a breath. We can be filled with Wonder and Awe.
Be like children with such joy curiosity and creativity.
We are Divine Beings.
Blessed BE.

(If you would like to find out more you can go to for more blogposts - youtube videos - free recordings and listings of future Events)

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

The process of Ascension


When ever we feel scared of expanding -remember it is our ego/mind self and the swiftest way to integrate all our selves including quieten our ego/mind is to resonate from our Heart Space. When we connect with the emotions of Highest Vibration of Wonder - Love - Joy - Curiosity this instantaneously will bring us into alignment. 

I had this experience a couple of days ago. Where I experienced being at this present time in a past lifetime. And felt that both experiences can exist simultaneously. That infact there is no linear time. This experience was of myself in/on Arcturia. When I felt this expansion my ego/mind self jumped in and was afraid. I then felt at the same time my Heart Chakra jump open. I needed both these experiences to enable a shift. A clearing. And I then understood from an experiential space that the ego/mind is also at ease with the Higher emotions. 
It is a softening. A trusting. There is no pushing. All is occurring as is as it is. No judgment. 
So I wanted to share the next time we feel a jolt of expansion - go back to the Heart space. Connect with the beauty - wonder of the experience. 
When we are feeling we are breaking apart maybe we are breaking free. When we are feeling heartbroken maybe we are heartopening. 
Also today I found myself experiencing a migraine. I accepted it and was given the insight that this is the Diamond Light Code upgrading if you like - the Pineal Gland. I realised this is what is occurring as I had been told a couple of days ago by the Arcturians to expect the Diamond Light Rays to be coming through very strongly. And so when I felt myself not just 'lightheaded' but also floating and felt like my 'Head had been blown off' That I had not top to it. That was the case energetically. 
So my other message to relay is - everything is connected. When we have a physical experience especially of pain - remember to truly be with this teaching. And the moment we tune into this experience and have the realisation of this learning we are releasing. 
The other experience I had was of feeling everything was spinning fast fast fast. This is also the higher Vibrations coming through and resonating our body at a higher frequency. So all we need to do at this time is to stop. Rest.
This is Ascension and it takes time and focus - it is 'hard work' for our ego/mind's want to keep the same old same old and want to be in the fog of forgetting. So it is remembering when we are fully present and IN-LOVE it is so gentle so holding. ALL is WONDER FULL. 
Tomorrow is Summer Solstice - may we all find time to connect in Unity LOVE and support. 
I share this with the wish that many of us become more and share. We all chose to be together at this time. May we all find ourselves in the Light and LOVE. Together. 
Much Blessings Elizabeth