Thursday, 21 September 2017

A Prayer at Autumn Equinox

A Prayer to open to the gateway to the Mystery of Autumn Equinox

Friday 22nd September is Autumn Equinox is the last but one Galactic Gateway of 2017. 
It is the still point where all paths meet. For Equinox comes from the Latin meaning 'Equal Light'. 
It is mid-point in the cycle of the Sun. Where Light and dark are equal. 
It is the time between in and out breath. The centre point in our Hearts where there is perfect balance. 

This is a powerful opportunity to reflect on where we are from our Heart Centres. At this time we are being given a powerful opportunity to surrender. Surrender between the in-breath and the out-breath. Let go and let in a greater wisdom from deep within our Heart Centres ~ The seat of our Higher Self and Soul. Where all is infinite and powerfully connected to the Divine Universal Plan. 
So much more vast complex beautiful empowered than our Mind/ego's can imagine. 
It is from this still place we can see more clearly. Where and Who we truly are. 
To be inLove. inBeauty. in the ever present Infinite Light.

As the Celestial Gateway sends us more Light Upgrades we will be able to tune into Higher Vibration and Higher Timelines. This will be a powerful opportunity to release deep layers from Past Lives and Ancestral Patterns/dramas/Contracts.  The Ascension process can be one of powerful visions and spontaneous healing. And in my experience the Ascension process calls us to pause. Take a breath. Truly Listen. Be still. This time also comes with powerful deep karmic healing. With this Healing we are going to the Source of the dis-ease and releasing many timelines. This therefore can be challenging for we can find ourselves in discomfort and pain falling into self doubt thinking we are going backwards. And so we are encouraged to be gentle and compassionate to ourselves and each other. Take a breath and observe. And give thanks to this opportunity to remember learn and release.

Autumn Equinox is an opportunity to tune into Gaia's Soul and the Divine Cosmic Energies. Pause. Be still. Be in silence. This will be an opportunity in letting go of our small human self with all the should's and judgements. To accepting what is. The more we are able to do this the more we are able to surrender ~ the more we receive assistance help guidance and Healing.  We are held. 

So my suggestion my offer is ~ 
Find sometime tomorrow make space for being in the moment. 
Turn off the Media. Turn off the Lights.
 And listen to your breath. Your Heart Beat. 
Tune into the Light from our Sun and the Moon.
Ask to sense Gaia's Heart Beat.
Sense Great Central Solar Sun Source Energy.
And then place a hand on your Heart Chakra and ask what do you need at this moment.
Ask for one word.
And your Higher Self will answer. 
Breathe into this prayer and ask in your body where about there might be any blocks to receiving.
And ask for Healing to that place.
Breathe in the Healing.
Give thanks to your Beautiful Body. 
Give thanks to your in breath. Your out Breath. 
Give Thanks to your Higher Self so Divinely connected.
Give thanks for choosing to be Alive. At this Time. At this Moment.
Send Healing down your Timelines. Past Present Future.
And send Healing to Gaia and all her children.
Give Thanks and Gratitude to yourself for giving time to hear your Heart. 

Blessed Be.

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Cadair Idris

Cadair Idris 
Photo taken on 2nd September 2017 7am 

Sun bathing illuminating the lake and Mountain edge Golden
Not a breath of wind
A reflection 
Holy Grail 
A drop of the softest Sound echoing resounding
Filling the cup overflowing 
Eliminating distance and Time

All is a reflection of the Divine
Darkness and Light

And if we dare we can drink from the Grail
Drink in the Wildness 
We dare to look more deeply into Spirit
Where there is Beauty Vast Raw Immense Dangerous 

This reflection is a Gateway beyond Duality
The still point of multiple possiblities

Each Element is a Soul
And each Soul has a connection to multiple worlds 
Beautiful Beings Immense and Delicate

The Divine gave birth to Herself 
So we could see her reflection 
We are more Wild than we dare to imagine
And when we dare 
We are humbled by Ecstasy 

Our feet dance in the Stars
Our eyes filled to overflowing by the Void 
The Grail of Creation
The Golden Honey 

Sacred Bee reminding us of the Vibration 
Reaching deep in our Hearts
The unfolding

Friday, 25 August 2017

Spiritual Frontiers

Adama Lemurian High Priest of Telos

Today is the 25th August the day that the Gateway closes. 
Here in London the sun and clear sky's have returned giving us a clearer access to the Solar's Energy. 
I have found that my gaze has been sky wards and the colours and cloud formations have been more beautiful and intense than I have ever recalled. 
The Sun has now moved into Virgo and with this energy comes a focus on the Earth Divine Feminine Energy. We are now moving into another phase of the Ascension process. 
This is a time ~ an opportunity for a clearer perception/ wider perspective on the hard work we have been consciously and unconsciously been undertaking during August and over many lifetimes. 
We have been through a momentous time of clearing ~ clearing of deep Karmic deep rooted patterns. At times we have been challenged finding ourselves revisiting emotional/psychological/mental places where we thought we had released and worked through  ~ while at other times we have experienced times of deep Peace or states of joy. We have been shown the limitation of Duality Living. 
During August The Solar Sun rays, Crystalline Silver Light, Sophia Unconditional Love, Gaia's Unconditional love along with so many Ascended Master Beings have all been focusing a global intention to shift into a 5D vibration. 
It has been and is a group initiation. 
So now has and is an opportunity to clear ancient patterns blocks contracts that previously would have needed a much longer process. The light has been intense which has enabled those spaces once filled with lower vibrations to be filled with Light. This has and is a wondrous opportunity.
Due to this high energy the focus to move into higher more positive timelines has been very sharp so the feedback to our lessons has been immediate and more intense. The universe has been giving more and more signs to keep us conscious and awake of this process. 
As we move into September we are now moving into a time to gather our experiences and consolidate. It is the time of the Harvest and for gratitude. If you haven't already I would encourage a house clearing - like a 'Spring Clean' I did this and went through every item I owned. 
Giving away at least 2/3 of what i had accumulated over 30 years. 
With this push to clear old baggage and masks of outdated identities we have accumulated over many lifetimes. We are also being given an opportunity to connect with our Divine Soul Print. 
Our Soul's Note. Our Star Origins. 
For me my journey led me to Telos - the Lemurian Light City below Mountain Shasta. At the end of July I heard the name Telos and my Heart Chakra burst open and I was led to a beautiful soul who lives in Mount Shasta and facilitates Journey's for people to Telos. There I experienced a home coming which is beyond words. I found my Soul Family who when I met them I awoke from a sleep with an awakening of an inner knowing of such profundity. That has given me such Joyful Peace. 
I was shown how the weavings of the Universe are played in beautiful patterns of Light Love and Codes which we all can attune with. Later on I was shown my Star Seed Origin and was challenged to move beyond mind ego limitation. Sometimes our Spirit is opened through Heart Opening. Sometimes it is our body which undergoes physical shifts and we experience physical pains and other illness symptoms. While other times it is our minds ego's which are challenged. 
Now more than any other time We are truly being called to become our Sovereign Selves 
and move into our Divine Creativity. 
So as we move into the later part of 2017 and into 2018 More will be revealed as more of us move into co-creating being frontier explorers. 
We will continue to be working together helping each other to Shift and Awaken.
And as we move into an awareness of non-linear time we can also come aware that all that we are experiencing has already happened. 
All is possible.
Everything is Choice.
We are Life.
In Abundance

Friday, 11 August 2017

11:11 11th August

Today the Celestial Higher Vibrations were powerfully present.Today is the 11th a Gateway of such Delicate Divine Beauty. I felt Divine Sophia and Gaia's Diamond rays. This was truly a blessing following three days of being submerged in Spider Medicine after being bitten on the Heath I was uplifted to be outside. At the start of my walk it felt like walking a tightrope between the sun and moon - with shadow parts of me rising up wave after wave - of judgements and internal mind/ego battling. And so I reminded myself this is an opportunity for clearing and realising and as soon as I was with this - feeling my Heart - forgiveness and compassion came through. I was uplifted.

And so as I was walking bare foot on the Earth I noticed the time 11:11 on 11th. And again I was reminded for everything has perfect timing. Each one of us have our own path and where we are is perfect to us.
And so I was within nature and the suns blessed rays. I was with Divine Gaia. The Emerald Green Galactic heart reflected in the lush Green. 
Sophia the Divine One spoke to me for I had given space to feel and hear.
"It is as easy - as being in the moment. Being soft and still. 
And with these Diamond Rays allow yourself to just let go - trust - release and BE. You can be expansive with this Light and Love for this is even more than what you have experienced as forgiveness. 
For it is unconditional Beingness and Love Divine.
Unconditional Trust. Being Held in Oneness.
So with allowing forgiveness you can be in Unity. 
Remember you are Sacred. You are remembering who you truly are. 
Breathe this Divinity in for it is within all of you as it is. 
Allow yourself Beautiful One to respond to Sacred invitation 
To be within Divine. 
To be Divinely You. Empowered and Flowing. 
Co-Creating Truly Divine in Beauty and Delight. 
Breathe in feel this radiant vibrancy of Diamond Golden Light 
with unconditional Love. 
Be in joyous playful Harmony."

We are living at an auspicious times. Filled with Brilliance. And so I encourage everyone to take time and walk bare feet on the Earth. Allow yourself to relax into feeling part of Gaia being held so that the Star Diamond Light can illuminate. So we can raise our resonance and be filled with wondrous joy and delight.

Friday, 4 August 2017

Breathing in Gentleness


2017 is an intensive Year. With a lot of Cosmic Multi-Dimensional and Gaia Clearings and Shifts. This year is the end and beginning of Gaia's/Earths Arc which was predicted by the Mayan's which is linking in with the Sun and Moon alignments with Sirius Star system. With this many of us are having experiences that are questioning old beliefs - ways of thinking and being of ourselves and how life is being lived in our immediate circle of friends and family and the wider Society. We are having experiences that move beyond what our ego/mind can sometimes make sense of. It is exciting and challenging times. For the Light is shining very brightly.

This profound time is an opportunity for us all to support a Positive more Heart Centred way of being - and positive outcome for Earth and each other.

Yesterday we had strong winds and along with the Light coming in.  I was able to feel beyond my 3D eye sight and sense the Light even through the grey clouds. This was because it was the Gateway Opening readying for the 8/8/8. For me when I tuned in - I felt the strength was smoothed by the gentleness which showed me  there is unconditional love behind this process. After all all this is about being more in our Hearts and Love! With so much going on internally being mirrored externally; we have the opportunity to see the Karmic connections much more immediately. We are likely to find old patterns re-asserting themselves - and if we can catch them and witness with compassionate detachment - and see the origin of the story - we will see we are being given the opportunity to let go release these patterns at a faster rate. With this focus and intention we might find the ego/mind feeling an urgency and very easily this can shift into the old negative pattern. Because we have the opportunity to be more awake in this clearing releasing process. It is likely that we will be experiencing more ups and downs.

Along with this I have found with reading some articles and videos on this time/Ascension there has been an emphasis on the potency - intensity of this time. So I have stopped reading watching them!
I have noticed these too can play into the old 3D fears and patterns of -
'What must I do?'

'Am I getting it right?'
'Maybe I am not as evolved as others's'
'Maybe I am not worthy'
'Why am I not getting profound experiences like others'
'Why am I struggling'
Etc etc etc .... Judgements Comparisons Ego/mind Confusions.

So the message is to slow down and acknowledge this is a very special time. And once we allow ourselves space we can tune into gentleness. Softness. Compassion. We are held and the process can be smoother. This is very important. So switch off the external information so you can tune in! Dial down the ego/mind chatter! Tune into gentleness. To gratefulness and very easily joy can come in.
With the upcoming Moon and Sun Eclipses - slow down and be gentle. For these eclipses I feel are about moving beyond Duality and polarisation and using this time to feel the different rainbow aspects of ourselves of what we might call Male or Female to all that is so much more. The 7th will be a time to reflect and the 8th a time to bring in for the Highest Good.

If we find ourselves challenged - tune into gratitude. First thing in the morning take a breath and list what we can be grateful and breathe this in.

Here are the dates for your diary. You can ignore them or write them down and ignore them! That is what i suggest! Know that your ego/mind has the dates so it's all sorted! And then just go with the flow and take time and space. For all is how it is meant to be! And if you can and feel the desire meet up with like minded souls or if you can't physically be with another/others send a message so you know there is that connection.
August 3 – Gateway Opening for the August passage.
August 7 – Full Moon & Partial Lunar Eclipse (11:12amPT).
August 8 – The Lion’s Gate
August 11-13 Cosmic Stargate Interaction
August 21 – Total Solar Eclipse, New Moon (11:31amPT)
August 25 – August Gateway closes
September 21 -25, including:
September 22 – Equinox (1:02pmPT) and
September 23 – Cosmic Trigger, Timeline Shift
December 21 – 25, including:
December 21- Solstice (8:28amPT) and
December 23 – Cosmic Trigger, Timeline Shift

Much love and Blessings
Elizabeth Silver Fox

Thursday, 27 July 2017

Experiencing moving beyond Duality

2017 is a gift for it is the year of accelerated learning and Ascension - Opening of the Heart. With this at times comes intense experiences and emotions. We can feel lost wondering - as if going in circles in a woodland that has grown paths knotted with bind weed ivy and roots. It can appear as if we are in fact stuck unable to progress. We can feel like we are in a haunted place, forgetful and confused. For we are being drawn to back to the root causes of Ancestral Karmic wounding in order to release and heal for ourselves and each other. The time is NOW if we want to move on from the unconscious Karmic rebirth cycle.  We are being asked to see the interconnection between all of us throughout time. And we are given the opportunity to experience time not as linear but spirals within spirals overlapping. 

We are being given the opportunity to wake up and remember our past lives. Our Soul Origins. Our purpose. Our Divinity. This is an opportunity for the Divine in us to return to Unity. Experience the wonder and beauty of Gaia. Feel our Spirit and Soul Families. Be co-creators. Be IN-LOVE not with one individual but Life. An opportunity for our Ego Mind to step aside so that the Heart can expand. It is about Letting go. Trusting. Trusting in intuition and the Heart Mind. 

So many of us are experiencing the Highs and Lows that come with this process. And this is also part of the learning. How not to be attached to the Highs and value all experience where ever on the spectrum of emotion or experience we find ourselves in. 

I was reminded today on my walk in Nature how the cycles of the seasons continue to teach us non-duality. How to enjoy being in the present. How both the sun and the rain give life and sustenance. The Summer Sun days are beautiful as we feel the warmth and watch and listen to the song of the birds, see the busy bees harvest the rich golden nectar, we smell the rich scents from the deep blooms - the whole land vibrating with the Green of Heart. The deep resonance joy.

But then the clouds move in and the sky darkens. The wind picks up and cools the air and we are in a totally different landscape. Filled with a different enrichment. It is at this time we can drink in the energy of Water. Reflective and nourishing. We feel the coldness and wrap ourselves up for protection.  For then we can pick the fruits ripened by the sun and plumped up by the rain. We are able to eat the fruits of our labour. 

This years English summer has given an early rich abundant harvest. So as I moved away from my Ego-Mind worries of lack of - I was reminded of Nature's Abundance as field after field was drenched in blackberries. Gaia always has and always will love us unconditionally and provide for all her beloved children. 

As I walked I also remembered my initial pondering about psychic emotional and energy protection. Over the years I have moved in different spiritual counter culture groups - some who teach and believe that protection is necessary while others do not. Some teach protection tools including closing chakras, putting in shields of symbols and using colour energy and intention. While others believed focusing on positive intention and the trust in Love and higher vibration was the way.

In a recent 1:1 session this question came up and I was guided to share another way. I was shown visually and experientially that it is possible for all of us to move into the Higher Timeline which Gaia has moved into. It is above the 3D lower energy. Many WayShowers have been sharing that we are at the time where the Timelines are separating and some have been deleted. It is much clearer for us to choose the Timeline with the Highest Vibration that we are open to receive and engage with. 

I was shown a vision of paths of light that are moving alongside other Timelines. So if we find ourselves being dragged into a heavy environment with intense and or negative emotions energies we can imagine threads beams pathways of Light and jump on! So we are moving along and become part of that Light. As soon as this image came to me I realised this was what I had been experiencing for a few days and this is what other WayShowers and Lightworkers mean when they speak of Timelines. We are now able to experience Timelines not just symbolically but physically. 

As we progress along Ascension we will move from experiencing a separation of Timelines - such as friendships ending or, no longer being able to find sustenance in our old patterns, finding our tastes in food or music has changed radically, sequences of numbers being repeated or,  interference with electrical goods and ringing in our ears. To having profound experiences with feelings of deja vu moving onto predictions and increasingly feeling a detachment from the everyday news and negative dramas. As we progress we will find ourselves going through physical changes and feeling as if our bodies are different from the inside. That the world feels different though it appears to be the same. Our senses will become increasingly more heightened and sensitive. 

I recently predicted the Tower Block Burning a few hours before in a vision on Hampstead Heath. Yesterday I had a message about another disturbing event I felt the energy as I entered the Heath and then people kept coming up and remarking that there were police cars on the Heath and a police Helicopter. Due to my previous predication I was prepared and I tuned into the Higher Light Vibration in my Heart and felt myself connected to a Higher Timeline. I then sent Love. I was therefore protected for I did not get involved in the speculation drama or emotion but did what I am called to do. I then found myself directed to a place of significance to the Fairy Realm on the Heath - which due to its energy draws many people. This place needed Healing both energetically and physically from some lower 3D group involvement that had occurred the day before. As I had been asked to go to this place I did some clearing and left Angelite and Rose Quartz Crystals. 

My walk today was sandwiched between black clouds and a brief strong shower - stunning Bright Sunlight with deep Blue Skies and white clouds. Ending with a grey sky. I enjoyed the experience of sheltering under the tree from the rain and feeling my body shiver in the cold air - to finding myself within seconds under the bright scorching sunlight amongst the wild flowers and busy bees smelling the Camomile and Mint Flowers hearing the thunder of Dragonfly wings before returning home under the soft grey sky. 

Saturday, 15 July 2017

Transcending Old Archetypes


Dearest Ones,
July 13th was a Cosmic shift and opening which continued through to July 17th.
From March this year with the major Gaia Shift - there has been opportunities for all to transcend old outdated stories negative behaviour and emotions which keep us locked in old archetypes and dramas. That stem from old wounds that through life times get re-inacted and played out repeatedly. 
This year I have learnt about the lower 3D emotions of Guilt and this week the lesson has been that of the feelings of Betrayal. Both lower energies and emotions that keep us in-prisoned in our pain and limiting us. I was shown the different roles that this powerful energy keeps us bound and tied - through the Archetypes of Victim Aggressor and Rescuer - most specifically in Women relationships with Women. The first experience was where I 'bumped' into a friend I had 30 years ago who I had carried 30 years guilt of not being able to be there for her. I was able to say sorry and have this witnessed so both could heal. And then a few days later I 'bumped' into another Woman who was a friend 25 years ago who had held guilt about how she had treated me and it was so so powerful to allow her apology to be witnessed so we could both heal. It was wonderful to see who she was and her enlightened energy. It was moving and beautiful to be aware that when we shift in a higher gear deep Healing occurs for the Higher Realms and Spirit shows us that we are co-creators.
As Healers Mothers Daughters Sisters and Midwives we have abandoned ourselves and each other. We have contributed to the 3D system - known as Patriachy. But it is not about Women against Men or Women against Women or Men again Men or Straight against Queer, Black against White, Muslim against Christian etc etc etc. For the oppressed and oppressors - like the Victim - Aggressor -Rescuer are universal and need each other to keep people stuck. So this Awakening process is not about escaping from ourselves - but being more in the present more with ourselves. As we see how we are consciously taking responsibility for co-creating each others and our own lives we can see how we choose who we are and how we are living our lives. 
This year is an opportunity to release and let go of these patterns. To see beyond the roles that we assign ourselves and each other. To move beyond blame and take responsibility. To see that conflict needs duality. And that it is possible to awaken and find the compassion for ourselves and others. So many of us have lived many life times and have been both the oppressed and the oppressor of ourselves and each other. It is time to Awaken.
I know it can seem a shocking concept. For there is so much abuse and pain and suffering in this world. Inflicted by so many intentionally and unconsciously. To ourselves and to others. And that is the key here. It is all about becoming conscious and awake so we can move beyond this pattern. It is toxic. Awakening is the ability to see that all pain and suffering is an opportunity to experience learning. To see the bigger picture. Only when we can open up and see that we mirror each other. Own the Shadow in ourselves. that we can know that the Divinity inside gives us Objective Compassion. We can accept the learning. For when we struggle with the reality of our experience we keep ourselves locked in the polarity. In the conflict. 
And so it is time for us to be gentle and brave. And see the roles the archetypes that we have been wearing. And to own and see how we can fail to see others and ourselves for who they truly are. It is time to remove those outdated costumes. To allow forgiveness and compassion. To see through the confusion of our emotional pain. For now we can experience Healing at an excellerated rate. 
Now is the time to step into our Divine Birth right and connect with our own Sovereignty Truly step into our own Lights and allow others to do so as well. It is at this times that we are being shown the deepest and darkest of our patterns - where the Light is shining in order to support us to be uplifted. That is why so many of us are finding these times as challenging. It is time to connect more with Crystalline Consciousness. We can now connect with Higher Vibrational Crystalline Archetypes. And this is why I was called to work with Sedna. For she moved beyond abuse and abandonment and betrayal to being the Divine Being who was and is a Goddess of Life. 
So as I have been feeling the old timelines be lifted as the old veils were lifted in March this year around Gaia. I send the link to you of a recording which is so synchronistic for touches on all this and moves into exploring the expansive crystalline consciousness an invitation. It is quite extraordinary in some ways but in other ways not so. For this shows me that so many of us transcending and moving into our future selves. So many of us are witnessing how our personal journeys are being mirrored with others and collectively. And so the lower timelines as Sandra explains here - the old earth are dropping away. 
For those of you who are coming on the 22nd to 'Awaken to the Goddess' I very much look forward to seeing you there. May we all Shine. Blessed Be, Elizabeth Silver Fox. 
Stargate Influx and Transcending Archetypes Video | Sandra Walter - Creative Evolution…/