Monday, 8 January 2018

The Grace

It is time to Live in alignment with your Soul

And so as I and others prepare to return to the usual weekly rhythm of our employment work jobs after the Christmas and New Year season. I have been witness to the environmental emotional malaise. A mixture of wish fulfilment mixed in with anticipation. There is also the more challenging emotions of stretched nerves and tiredness from feeling the struggle that so many have with the push-pull of do we take on and acknowledge that we create our reality. Some of us may still be experiencing the time spent with families which focused the attention on all the unspoken and spoken wounds and unresolved patterns. How much we are or are not seen or allow each others to be seen. And underlining all this is the Truth. The resonance. That We create our lives. We create how we experience life. 

If we are still involved living partially or wholly with the mainstream 3D World that so many of us are, this can be troubling. For the majority of the Western World is living in an outdated limiting way, in which there is the belief that we are all separate from one another. We are separate from Gaia. Male from Female. Young from Old. White from Black. And so on.  We question whether there is Divinity in ourselves in each other with Gaia or at all. We fear to see how the internal is reflected externally. All our thoughts all our actions are part of the weaving. We ignore not only the suffering but also the possibility of living fully in-love in-joy. Empowered.

But when we experience and move more into Unity. When we feel Spirit in ourselves - in each other - in Gaia. When we feel LOVE that emanates unconditionally from Gaia and the beautiful Solar Sun. From all the beautiful beings that are part of Gaia - including ourselves and each other, we start to experience the wonder and magic. We take on responsibility and so with this comes more freedom. Freedom to change. To heal. To truly create beauty. 
We are filled with Grace.

When we allow the light as I did yesterday from the Solar Sun that wonderful Star to penetrate out through to our Heart Chakra's there is ILLUMINATION. For that eternal moment, the denser emotions I was feeling stuck in were transmuted by the Golden Flame by such LOVE. When we experience this we are no longer on repeat. We are in the creativity of possibilities. I was held in a way I had not experienced from the Solar Sun before. I understood what creative Divine Expression of LIFE the Solar Sun is giving to Gaia and all her beings. 
It is truly amazing. Truly profound.
The Solar Sun is filling us with Grace.

Since we entered 2018 two words have been strongly resonating. Illumination and Amplification. These are strong words. They express powerful experiences. And so it is I realised on reflection, not a surprise that I was feeling challenged and felt the desire to return to the Hermitage to hide. But who what was I hiding.  Today on tidying up I found this pack of Cards which I haven't used for many many years. And I drew this card. No 4 - 'The Grace'. 

The Grace - '' The Graces transcendent lustre reflects the Divine, eternal feminine Sophia. Through shimmering curtain of crystal light. As The Grace lifts the veil that obscured the ultimate Truth of your being, you may well find this will challenge you on all levels. This is no soft, all loving mother into whose loving embrace you can sink: she is crowned by the lightening horns of Divinity. Even as she enables your greatest dream to manifest, she will test you to the core. The appearance of the Divine Feminine suggests that it is time for you to connect with your Soul. Her appearance indicates that is time to acknowledge her - to start expressing the deep yearning for connection with her that you feel, through service, relationships and creativity. It is time to live in alignment with your soul'' 
Devas of Creation - Cilla Conway.

A client of mine recently expressed this beautifully she said she was feeling this desire to live authentically and it was if she was 'coming out of the closet'

So for many of us in 2017, we were doing the hard work of releasing clearing all the old that we have been carrying for ourselves and each other. This is courageous work. And we are all part of a Global push to release move on. Making way for 2018 which is the year of manifestation for taking action.

While this is the energy which is coming through for 2018 we will still have our own personal unique arcs journeys of Healing and transformation. So as we continue with our own personal arcs journeys we will be held by the energy of 2018 which will create a different container for our process.
We will find that the vibration of 2017 with its push to clear will now have another push. And at times depending on where we are on our own journey, this will affect us differently. 
If we are still in the process of discovering what we need to clear - we are learning from this process - we will be needing time and space for healing and reflection. And at those time it is important that we do not fall into the old 3D ego mind of comparisons judgements. But remember to be patient gentle and know we are doing vital courageous work for ourselves and each other. We are all part of the spiral of life.

And then there will be other times where we will be given the experience of 'riding the wave' of being knowing our Co-Creativity. This will also challenge our old ways of being. And challenge those around us who might not be ready for taking that leap with you. At those times we might feel the comparisons and judgements from others as they fear the 'new you'

That beautiful piece of writing holds the key on how to navigate through this and that is connecting with the 'deep yearning of connection'. This will connect us with our Hearts. Moving away from the 3D ego mind space energy. This will inspire and comfort. Will bring us to wholeness and help to ground us. With connecting us with our Soul. With our Passion. With Spirit. Will connect us with patience compassion and grace.
We will experience that we are not alone and enable us more fully to find our Soul's Path. Our uniqueness. Our Divinity.

Blessed Be

Sunday, 7 January 2018

Spark of Love

Spark of Love

The Sun is Divine

If you feel lost 

In your mind to your emotions

 Stand outside and feel our Star Sun Rays

Deeply in the Centre of your Chest

Golden Light 





Friday, 5 January 2018

Reflections on Ascension

Reflections on Ascension 

Ascension or the Rising of the Divine Feminine.
It is a Global Spiritual Awakening.
To the Divine Feminine within all of us 
No matter the gender we all have the opportunity to reconnect 
With Gaia with our Divine Selves in Unity.

We can move away beyond the duality that creates

We are moving beyond the Great Divide 
Where the masculine energy has been misshapen and 
The feminine energy falsely disempowered.

And so we are embodying 

2017 was the year of purging clearing and Learning
Making the way to incorporate more Light
Releasing removing outdated old patterns 
Patterns that kept us in the illusion of safety
Constraining controlling and limiting our Souls True Expression

And now we have moved into 2018
The year of 11
The Gateway

Gaia is showing us that the abundance is there for us 
Her Soul is VAST
And we are held within her embrace
Blessed by this Divine outpouring 
So if we dare we can actualise our dreams

Take the leap


Here are some tips I have found helpful

To your body. To the silence. To space.
Dare to take 5 minutes. Just 5 minutes in the day.
Ignore the ego/mind that says you have no time to listen. To be still.
Has too much to do. 
For in fact the ego/Mind knows that to truly listen all it takes is a second and we are connected to Eternity.

2. ASK.
For assistance. For help. For Guidance. It is not true that we are meant to be isolated. 
That being tender-hearted is dangerous. That we are alone. 
We are all born generous and in unity. Open-hearted.

If you find yourself waking up in the middle of the night.
You are being reminded that you are being asked to be Conscious to the process
of Awakening. Waking up!
Take note of the time. The number might be significant.
Ask if there is a Guardian Guide Enlightened Being wanting to connect.
Ask if your body is wanting to release and Heal.
It is OK to be awake!

Go out in nature and walk barefoot.
We were born Naked into the world.
Not with shoes on our feet!
Gaia has shifted into a Higher Vibration and with abundant love is there to assist.
Notice the Seasons. They all have so many teachings
Winter is about the bare essentials. Cutting back to the necessity. 
Valuing Warmth of Hearth and Home.
Be like the branches of the trees reaching up to the Sky.
Lighter without the Green leaves. 
In our human daily lives, we forget to look skywards 
So full of carrying our burdens of worry 
that we weigh down our shoulders 
And our heads bowed down bent downwards
Not able to be alive

And so walk in the element and feel.....

For we were born to feel.
For we were born in Gaia 
We know We remember the Garden of Eden 
To such astonishing beauty
It might hurt at first as we thaw from the numbness.
That is part of the process

Risk taking a pause from the addictions of sugar caffeine carbs
And see what your body truly desires 
You might even be surprised!

When we are in pain and revisiting those patterns
We are not failing. 
We are being given an opportunity for deeper understanding learning and Healing.
Notice when and how our judgements comparisons come in.
Notice the harshness hardness.
And ask for forgiveness and compassion.

If at any time you feel ungrounded or overwhelmed
Or filled with doubt
Place your hand on your Heart Chakra.
And take a moment.....


Thursday, 4 January 2018


We are becoming 
We are evolving
Coming Home

I am learning more about my Starseed Origins. 
To move beyond the mind thinking space - access can come more gracefully creatively expansively through the image. 
Through image, we use movement our bodies. We use our intuition. 
And so we can gain access to other realms. 
Greater understanding. 
Move beyond the mind. 

And so I understand. ALL IS SOUND. 
We are CREATING every Moment. 
Today I experienced the Soul of Gaia. 
She has moved on. 
She has already SHIFTED. 
She is JOY and is waiting for us. 
For if each one of us has a soul then imagine IMAGINE GAIA's Soul. 

With this realisation, I also understood that the 3D world polarisation will be clearer. 
Again the Elements were teaching how to find the Calm Anchor of the Centre. 

As we all continue to Heal to evolve to move more into the embrace with Spirit. 
Gaia the Divine Feminine we are not lost we have not forgotten you. 
We know LOVE.

Monday, 1 January 2018

LOVE for 2018

'Say thank you in advance for what is already yours' D.W


Greetings fellow Soul Travellers wishing you us all a beautiful 2018
This year will be building on all the intensive work we have been focusing on
2017 was a year of realising the interconnections between all things
Not only internally between our different selves of Mind-Body Emotion Spirit
Also between the internal and external selves
Between all ourselves
Many of us were and are purging cleansing clearing for greater learning and understanding so 
We become lighter carrying less

As we Heal ourselves we Heal others. We are all therefore Healers. 
We are all doing courageous necessary work.
We are all wonderful beautiful beings. 
Sending you LOVE for 2018 

Remember. We have chosen everything. So when we get into wishing for something else
That is the Mind/Ego fooling us. For all, ourselves did not want anything else at this time.
Even if we tell ourselves repeatedly 'oh I wish this was rather that etc! 
Know that where we are is where we are meant to be. Even when we are being challenged.
When we fully accept this then we realise and know that we are empowered 
We are truly Co-Creators
And believe me, when one experiences this, the relief and joy and excitement of what is possible! that floods in 
It is WOnderFuLL!

2018 is about abundance and flow
It will be teaching us about where we put our intention and focus
It will be about manifestation
The Divine Feminine Crystalline Energies will be deepening
Clearing our Vision opening our Hearts.
The Grand Divine will be helping to polish sharpen those corners and cracks
There will be amplification of the Light
So we can Shine revealing and realising our beauty 
Our unique shape

Two words through this process were and are so important for me
Surrender Trust

For our Mind Ego is so limited in what s/he can imagine 
Heart Divine is so much much more creative
So the invitation for 2018 is dare to be surprised!


Thursday, 28 December 2017

Prayer to Mother Earth

Prayer to Mother Earth

Author unknown

Oh! Mother, my tears fall upon your face.
I just remembered,
We, the Lightworkers have returned
To spread our Web of love around you!

From distant stars and galaxies, 
From lives past, present and future,
We come to guide your healing.
We, the lightworkers, one soul to another,
Touch the hearts of many each day.

With each recognition, we laugh, smile and cry.
Our love is abundant, flowing and shimmering.
We, the lightworkers, in perfect joy,
Quietly expand Unconditional Love. 

Spin now ever so gently as you warm yourself,
For we, the lightworkers are back
From eons of time behind and ahead.
May Love, Laughter and Tears of Joy
Rain now and forever more upon your face.

Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Healing the Great Divide

Healing the Great Divide. Humanity separation from Gaia.
The split between Divine Feminine and Humanity.
Between Male and Female - mirrored 
Reflected within ourselves
In our relationships.
Between lovers and friends.
Between family.
The Heart break of rejection and abandonment.
The times we chose to leave those places and people we loved.
For our learning and our healing.
Now is the time of Great Healing.
To Unity.
With ourselves and each other.
To release and forgive.
To be grateful for the understanding.
To now sound in our beauty.
Be in our power.
Be in Love.
Be in Divine

Monday, 6 November 2017


A wound is a cut hurt tear 
Revealing that which is hidden deep
Naked in its rawness
Vulnerable in its tenderness
Allowing in the Light
So we can learn
To be fully alive in the present moment

When the leaves first fall from their trees 
They are rich in warm colours from red to orange to gold.
But over the weeks and months their colour fades.
And just when the leaves have all but dissolved into the black soil
The branches bare and stark  
Underneath the rain drenched darkened skies
The first green pushes up from beneath the earth
It is at this moment that new life can begin
Not a moment before 

Over the next two months we will be asked to reach deep 
Inside to heal deep Ancestral wounds. Healing ourselves. Healing the many.
We are being asked to be courageous and gentle. To dare to embrace forgiveness.
Then we can receive the gift of new Life.
The gift of Light. Of Love.

Today I was touched by a Dragonfly sitting on my shoulder. 
Her colour was deep rust red. Her eyes a thousand faces. Black and shining.
She was a Spirit Dragonfly.
 Come to remind me of the Gift of Surrendering Letting go into Trust.
For we can not envision how wonderous the next world can be
From the mysterious dark deep realms of underwater. 
To flying with translucent miraculous Wings
Drawing figures of 8
 Brilliant under Gold drenched blue Sky