Friday, 10 February 2017

Bone Moon - Cailleach

We are at the time of Bone Moon. The time of Cailleach the Goddess of Winter. 
It is said she has one blue eye which can see beyond the veil of worlds seeing 
the interconnection of everything. 
She is the Guardian of Life force nurturing nourishing the seeds in the dark Earth 
Enabling life to come forth in Spring. 
Protecting animals during the hard winter.  
She is the Guardian of Life and Death. 

This is the time when trees are laid bare. It is the time where we are called to Pause. 
Be in the moment. Listen. It is the time for reflection. 
The call of Bone Moon asks us to be naked with our truth. 

Winter is beautiful it asks us to connect to the unknown. 
To the experience that all is change and does not last. 
It is the time to give thanks to all the hard work we have done. What we have learnt. 
To give thanks for nourishment and warmth. 
A time to sit by open fire and share tales songs. To be with ourselves connected. 
Finding the warmth inside while outside the sharp ice cuts through all that no longer serves us. 
It is time to let go. 

As we let go so we become lighter. 
And so just as the land seems increasingly bare and raw in the darkness cold 
Even the last remains of autumn leaves dissolve into the Earth. 
It is the time a breath way before new buds burst forth from the frozen underworld. 
It is the time just before the Birthing of Spring. 

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