Saturday, 15 July 2017

Transcending Old Archetypes


Dearest Ones,
July 13th was a Cosmic shift and opening which continued through to July 17th.
From March this year with the major Gaia Shift - there has been opportunities for all to transcend old outdated stories negative behaviour and emotions which keep us locked in old archetypes and dramas. That stem from old wounds that through life times get re-inacted and played out repeatedly. 
This year I have learnt about the lower 3D emotions of Guilt and this week the lesson has been that of the feelings of Betrayal. Both lower energies and emotions that keep us in-prisoned in our pain and limiting us. I was shown the different roles that this powerful energy keeps us bound and tied - through the Archetypes of Victim Aggressor and Rescuer - most specifically in Women relationships with Women. The first experience was where I 'bumped' into a friend I had 30 years ago who I had carried 30 years guilt of not being able to be there for her. I was able to say sorry and have this witnessed so both could heal. And then a few days later I 'bumped' into another Woman who was a friend 25 years ago who had held guilt about how she had treated me and it was so so powerful to allow her apology to be witnessed so we could both heal. It was wonderful to see who she was and her enlightened energy. It was moving and beautiful to be aware that when we shift in a higher gear deep Healing occurs for the Higher Realms and Spirit shows us that we are co-creators.
As Healers Mothers Daughters Sisters and Midwives we have abandoned ourselves and each other. We have contributed to the 3D system - known as Patriachy. But it is not about Women against Men or Women against Women or Men again Men or Straight against Queer, Black against White, Muslim against Christian etc etc etc. For the oppressed and oppressors - like the Victim - Aggressor -Rescuer are universal and need each other to keep people stuck. So this Awakening process is not about escaping from ourselves - but being more in the present more with ourselves. As we see how we are consciously taking responsibility for co-creating each others and our own lives we can see how we choose who we are and how we are living our lives. 
This year is an opportunity to release and let go of these patterns. To see beyond the roles that we assign ourselves and each other. To move beyond blame and take responsibility. To see that conflict needs duality. And that it is possible to awaken and find the compassion for ourselves and others. So many of us have lived many life times and have been both the oppressed and the oppressor of ourselves and each other. It is time to Awaken.
I know it can seem a shocking concept. For there is so much abuse and pain and suffering in this world. Inflicted by so many intentionally and unconsciously. To ourselves and to others. And that is the key here. It is all about becoming conscious and awake so we can move beyond this pattern. It is toxic. Awakening is the ability to see that all pain and suffering is an opportunity to experience learning. To see the bigger picture. Only when we can open up and see that we mirror each other. Own the Shadow in ourselves. that we can know that the Divinity inside gives us Objective Compassion. We can accept the learning. For when we struggle with the reality of our experience we keep ourselves locked in the polarity. In the conflict. 
And so it is time for us to be gentle and brave. And see the roles the archetypes that we have been wearing. And to own and see how we can fail to see others and ourselves for who they truly are. It is time to remove those outdated costumes. To allow forgiveness and compassion. To see through the confusion of our emotional pain. For now we can experience Healing at an excellerated rate. 
Now is the time to step into our Divine Birth right and connect with our own Sovereignty Truly step into our own Lights and allow others to do so as well. It is at this times that we are being shown the deepest and darkest of our patterns - where the Light is shining in order to support us to be uplifted. That is why so many of us are finding these times as challenging. It is time to connect more with Crystalline Consciousness. We can now connect with Higher Vibrational Crystalline Archetypes. And this is why I was called to work with Sedna. For she moved beyond abuse and abandonment and betrayal to being the Divine Being who was and is a Goddess of Life. 
So as I have been feeling the old timelines be lifted as the old veils were lifted in March this year around Gaia. I send the link to you of a recording which is so synchronistic for touches on all this and moves into exploring the expansive crystalline consciousness an invitation. It is quite extraordinary in some ways but in other ways not so. For this shows me that so many of us transcending and moving into our future selves. So many of us are witnessing how our personal journeys are being mirrored with others and collectively. And so the lower timelines as Sandra explains here - the old earth are dropping away. 
For those of you who are coming on the 22nd to 'Awaken to the Goddess' I very much look forward to seeing you there. May we all Shine. Blessed Be, Elizabeth Silver Fox. 
Stargate Influx and Transcending Archetypes Video | Sandra Walter - Creative Evolution…/

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