Friday, 11 August 2017

11:11 11th August

Today the Celestial Higher Vibrations were powerfully present.Today is the 11th a Gateway of such Delicate Divine Beauty. I felt Divine Sophia and Gaia's Diamond rays. This was truly a blessing following three days of being submerged in Spider Medicine after being bitten on the Heath I was uplifted to be outside. At the start of my walk it felt like walking a tightrope between the sun and moon - with shadow parts of me rising up wave after wave - of judgements and internal mind/ego battling. And so I reminded myself this is an opportunity for clearing and realising and as soon as I was with this - feeling my Heart - forgiveness and compassion came through. I was uplifted.

And so as I was walking bare foot on the Earth I noticed the time 11:11 on 11th. And again I was reminded for everything has perfect timing. Each one of us have our own path and where we are is perfect to us.
And so I was within nature and the suns blessed rays. I was with Divine Gaia. The Emerald Green Galactic heart reflected in the lush Green. 
Sophia the Divine One spoke to me for I had given space to feel and hear.
"It is as easy - as being in the moment. Being soft and still. 
And with these Diamond Rays allow yourself to just let go - trust - release and BE. You can be expansive with this Light and Love for this is even more than what you have experienced as forgiveness. 
For it is unconditional Beingness and Love Divine.
Unconditional Trust. Being Held in Oneness.
So with allowing forgiveness you can be in Unity. 
Remember you are Sacred. You are remembering who you truly are. 
Breathe this Divinity in for it is within all of you as it is. 
Allow yourself Beautiful One to respond to Sacred invitation 
To be within Divine. 
To be Divinely You. Empowered and Flowing. 
Co-Creating Truly Divine in Beauty and Delight. 
Breathe in feel this radiant vibrancy of Diamond Golden Light 
with unconditional Love. 
Be in joyous playful Harmony."

We are living at an auspicious times. Filled with Brilliance. And so I encourage everyone to take time and walk bare feet on the Earth. Allow yourself to relax into feeling part of Gaia being held so that the Star Diamond Light can illuminate. So we can raise our resonance and be filled with wondrous joy and delight.

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