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Awakening - The Heart Centred Way

The Heart Centred Way

When we have the experience of not being able to feel communicate be with Spiritual Realm one of the keys is to remain curious about thoughts feelings and emotions. And to remind ourselves that it is not that we do not know the way. Rather it is that we have temporarily forgotten. With this comes an experience of loss which is why we can feel unease which actually is a goodly thing! When we feel dissatisfaction that is our Heart Centre needing to expand.  This can be a very subtle process in which we very easily can become judgmental (thought) followed by tension/tightness (feeling) followed by frustration disappointment sadness or fear (emotion).
So when we find ourselves in this cycle - ideally if we can catch the initial thought and remain curious and ask What is the message - what is the teaching? What is it that I am remembering? Then we can connect more deeply with our Heart Centres and therefore Spirit. 
If we are experienced in witnessing our process these reactions and responses become subtler and deeper. Being judgmental or critical is also closely linked to the ego/mind protecting us from what it sees as threatening scary for when we expand more from the Heart we are moving into greater possibilities of change transformation evolution - the unknown. 

 Many of us have been Healers Seers Teachers Guides Wayshowers in previous lifetimes and in those lifetimes we have found ourselves threatened for being Spiritual Aware. So some of us are carrying those memories wounds in our bodies. Being conscious of this allows us to shine a light and release these old patterns. Reminding ourselves that we are now safe can also be helpful. We can now remember and let go - for many Ascended Beings StarSeed families, Wayshowers and Healers along with Gaia during 2017 have been working to release heavier shields/blocks within and also around Gaia that was preventing many remembering who they truly are. Since that release, many now have easier access to so much support from our Teachers Guides and StarSeed Families. The energy uplifting around Gaia has allowed more light to come in and so release any blocks lower energies. 
Due to this Gaia has shifted to a higher vibration so she has evolved and is supporting all her children to evolve as well. So another key to this process is waking up to this Global process. That we are part of a human evolution and we are not alone.

Due to this huge release many of us will be experiencing physical symptoms such as headaches, flu symptoms and fluctuating energy. Many of us will not only be releasing for ourselves but also therefore many others. For we are part of the Web. Interconnected. When one is able to shift so others are enabled as well. So a guidance is during those times try to set aside give the time for rest and listen to what our bodies are asking for nourishment. Again check in with yourself. I, for instance, had one month of migraines in March/April 2017 and I knew this was part of an Awakening Process as I was aware of Light coming in every night. That was because I allowed myself to take time and space which enabled my Higher Awareness to be Aware of the deeper process. Allowed me to connect with the Higher Vibrations and Deeper Spiritual process. So this can enrich the process as well as making it a much easier smoother transition. It is a way to ease and quieten our minds knowing we are in fact doing really well and all is as it is meant to be. 

Part of the evolution - Awakening process we are all going through is moving through different stages. So it is helpful to remind ourselves that if we find old issues coming up - ones that we had worked through - that might trigger thoughts or patterns of behaviour or feelings in the body or emotions - to use the image of the Spiral as a reminder that we are just releasing another layer. We might think we have slipped back in our process - but in fact, we are releasing a deeper layer. We are now in a more empowered place to witness this process and experience any emotions or thoughts and then let them go. We are Spirit Beings within 3D bodies. Which means remembering the 3D natural world is Spirit. We are moving into a way of being that is consciously increasingly embodying Spirit.  Holding more light. This is a Heart Centre Way and to help be more in our Hearts with Spirit work with being with the Elements. 

Working and Being with the Elements and Elementals...

Earth is full of nourishment and holding. It connects us to our Root and Earth Star Chakras. Earthing supports us to connect with our Root Chakra where the Kundalini Energy resides. It connects us with our Divine Mother our place of Birth. The Divine Feminine Force which connects us with Gaia. When we are deeply grounded we able to connect with Spirit and with our Souls Path. We are able to actualise Heaven on Earth. So my suggestion is to connect with Grounding - and communicate be with Trees and Rocks Stones Quartz. And my other suggestion is to find a physical activity which can support being present and relaxed - such as walking dancing or Yoga. This allows the body to release any tensions and toxins and gives us space to move the creative life force energy. 

Water connects with the Womb of Life. The Sacral Chakra of Creation. This Chakra also connects with the Throat Chakra and is about expressing your Divine Purpose. Connecting with your Soul Note. Voicing who you are being Co-Creators. Taking long baths for relaxing allows us to be held in this element facilitating the ego/mind to relax and then our Higher Mind can have space to come to the forefront and our Intuition and HIgher Spirit along with our Heart can flow. We have access to a vaster wise intelligence. 

Another main tool is to use the breath to calm and focus the mind. For the Breath is Life. There are many breathing techniques that have been taught. Find one that works for you.

Work with the Solar Sun. As we are remembering to embody the Spiritual Light more into our 3D selves working physically with the Sun is a powerful healing process. So my suggestion is during daylight when you can see the sun clearly without clouds place a hand briefly on the centre of your chest so that your hand chakra is connected with your Heart Chakra and ask for your Heart to connect with the Solar Heart Energy. Remove your hand and surrender. 

Some of you might have noticed that you find it easier to connect with the 5D and Spiritual Realm when in service - for instance offering support guidance or Healing to another. If this is the case this could be showing that you are holding onto an experience or belief that you are not worthy. Service is the experience of being in the Heart Space. So one way to support yourselves to connect with your Soul and Spirit is to offer your service more. Another is that part of remembering we are Spiritual Beings - Multi-Dimensional Beings is giving time and space to allow that connection. For living in the world we are having to move through a lot of external denser ego/mind noise/energy - a distraction from Spirit. So we need time to reconnect. Once we start allowing this space then our system can experience this as normal, not extraordinary. We can ease up on the time restraints and pressure for only allowing a certain allotted time to tune in. Part of remembering and is giving time for our bodies to the experience of holding more light.    

Lastly, I would share this. That the Heart is the rainbow bridge with Spirit. The Heart resonates with joy and gratitude. Laughter humour - 'lightening up' instantly raises our vibration. Every day if you can find times to consciously notice beauty within and without. Send gratitude to your bodies and acknowledge that you are God-Goddess. You are Divine Embodied. Unique and also part of the Whole Unity.

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