Friday, 16 March 2018

Remembering Grace

How shall I describe this knowing - that though open-hearted and pure are natures beings - they we do not reveal their depths of themselves to strangers. 
They we are not manipulative or fearful for are not owned by Ego. 
They reflect us back. They are mirrors. For Gaia
They show us how we are strangers to ourselves. 

How many times I have seen the eyes of a four-legged soul drop the facade 
humans have given them. Only to reveal they're true selves. 

And so it can be for until we experience we truly do not know. And that is why beloved ones we are alive. To experience and therefore embody. We are here to give birth to Divinity. 

Drop the old cloaks of shame that hold you down. That is a mirage. 
The wonder that it takes - to be courageous - to be open-hearted. We must for it is to embrace life. To be fully loving. 

And so Nature and her beings are love. And not only deserve to be loved but it is a gift.
Gaia is immense in her love and so is the Sun. Sun is love. Can you feel it? Can you sense this? Experience the love. 

For I know the more I experience Love the more I can embrace being in the expansive everlasting now, and stop the endless endless searching for something else - for something more - somewhere else. 

Is not being alive enough? What if we all just paused and woke up to being alive and be filled with Grace.

Dive Deep. Dive high. 
Dive within and Remember. 
You beloved One are ALIVE. 
Remember you are LOVE DIVINE.

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