Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Remembering our StarSeed Origins

Maybe you are like me -  as a child you felt different from those around you. Family and peers.
Maybe you did not feel that the family were your true family and you even asked your parents if you were adopted - this I did many times! Maybe you were filled with a knowing that you were different and found social situations challenging and did not understand accepted ways of behaving or being.
From an early age I found myself homeless at 14 and seeking counter and sub-cultures to belong hoping that this feeling of longing to find a home would be resolved. I would find my kin. I would at last feel I was speaking the same language I was sharing the same reality.
What happened was for near on 40 years I moved between many counter and sub-cultures. I explored  a range of groups beliefs and approaches to life. As I went from group to group I could see how each group had a specific identity - a vibration  - a connection. And still I could not settle. 
I read so many books and for a while certain books framed my experience of not belonging. But only for a while. I found the terms 'Borderland' 'Edgewalker' 'Shaman' 'Artist' 'Sensitive' 'Highly-Sensitive'
'Wounded Healer' 'Empath' 'Utopian' 'Anarchist' 'Queer' 'Poet' held my attention for a while but they too became restrictive. 
And so I moved on and sought to find home within. I returned to being in Nature to be with my experience of Gaia which was not Spirit in a human female form but a Vast Divine Being. I returned to being with Nature's children and asking Spirit where I could go to find Peace Understanding of who I was where my path was. In 2012 I found myself at Cadair Idris and was gifted by the experience of another Universe inhabiting this one - a Crystal Universe City where the Light Beings were the same as the structures that were surrounding them. So vast were they so high the vibration the experience literally blew my ego/mind. And it took to another 5 years for me to then Awaken to the Ascension Process. It was 2017 where I went searching after a month of migraines and waking up in the middle of the night to beams of light - that I heard the word Telos and my Heart burst open. Since then I have been on a steep journey of remembering my StarSeed Origins. 
During this time - of just over a year the emotions that I have carried not just from this life time but many others - of grief - guilt - loss - anger - sadness - shame - of the separation from my StarSeed Family Homes and Origins has come into focus. At first the pain was an acknowledgment a realisation of who I was. With this came such relief such joy and then more of the pain. For I then felt even more strongly the desire not to be present in my life now but back Home in Telos - in that beautiful 5th Dimension with my family. With such beauty and bliss. To feel at home. At Peace and with so much creativity and flow. 
I then found myself helping others to remember and be reunited with their Soul StarSeed Origins and Families. And as more people came to me - I then discovered more and more Souls from many Planets Dimensions and Galaxies - each having their unique resonances and gifts and soul purposes. Some which I had a connection with - the strongest being Acturian. I found myself journeying to many more realms for myself and others. And yet I was not able to feel the connection with Telos with Adama and my other Lemurian Family members. And I could not figure out why this was the case. What was I missing?
Then the answer came. Not out of searching or thinking. But through being in Circle Sacred Space with others in an open hearted intention. To serve and be without judgement or pressure to perform to ones Ego. Just be in the moment. And it was that space that enabled Adama and my family to return as they did when I was reunited with them and tears of joy flowed. I had returned home. Here now.
I realised at that moment that the heartache that I had been feeling - was stopping me from being present with my Soul - with my Extended Soul Star Seed Origins and Family. Through my attachment to the pain and emotions linked with that loss - 'Fall from Grace' - I was not accepting my choice I made to be here now. This was creating a block to my Soul Star Seed Connections. It was a wall. In that moment I realised how vast the Heart is and that all time is in the present moment. All lives are accessible through the Heart. That time is not linear. That ego/mind's attachment to past stories and emotions keeps us locked into a loop of emotions and fixed realities. 

And so today I realised why I have had the journey I have had - for in realising this block I now can describe name speak of this to others. For I know that many have this experience of not belonging and are at times flooded with emotions of heartache but do not know why. Or like me have had experiences of reuniting with their Soul StarSeed Families and Homes but are not able to feel a consistent connection. This is the KEY - The very emotions of Heartache that validated/explained the feelings/experience of not belonging and gave you a way to remembering who you are/your Soul Star Seed Origins can also be LOCK keeping you stuck in duality and separation. Our Ego/minds do not find change easy and can attach to emotions hoping to keep us locked into a reality. So the trick if you like is to gave space - allow those feelings and emotions to breathe and be so that they have expression and you can access forgotten and/or suppressed memories - to then allow those same feelings and emotions to be released. To surrender and LET GO. This enables a shift and change - an evolution. This is part of the Ascension process of remembering our StarSeed Origins. It is possible to be HERE NOW with our StarSeed Soul Origin and Families. It is possible to be HERE NOW in many Dimensions Times and Multiverses. Our StarSeed Soul Families so SO desire want us to know and experience that they are with us. And when this happens we are in UNITY in HEART space and al the struggle dissolves. We can BE in Bliss and Peace and Joy. The 3D issues we know are an illusion and all is LOVE and ABUNDANCE.

So if you are reading this and resonates with you. I have these suggestions. 
If you do have feelings of not belonging of grief - loss - anger - a sense of 'Falling from Grace' - try being with those emotions in a non judgmental way. Dare to give space to them in an open curious way see if there is an image or shape colour or sound that comes with those emotions. 

You can ask for a memory from a past life and see if an image comes. 
I did this a few months back as I have for years not liked to hear about read or even hear the word Atlantis spoken. So unconscious was my reaction so normalised I had become that I had not caught myself doing this. Until one day I said hold on why do I have this reaction/response to Atlantis. It was a feeling akin to being repelled. And so I asked when I had space and immediately I found myself back at Atlantis. A memory as fresh as tomorrow and with this memory all the challenging emotions which I had been carrying for so long I had buried now surfaced. This gave me an understanding of a deep pattern that I have been replaying ever since. One which I felt let down - alone - misunderstood and therefore alone. The dream I had - was lost and so many in Atlantis had chosen a path that did not resonate with me - that I chose to depart.  I then realised that I have been reliving this over and over. Including in this lifetime of feeling as if I am the only one who dares to experience life differently, who dares to speak out, who is different from others.

You can ask for support and Guidance from all that inhabits a Divine Vibration along with your Higher Self. Even if you at the time cannot get a sense of this. 
You can ask your Higher Self whether you are choosing not to fully remember. 
Ask if you are keeping yourself held in the past of forgetting. 
Ask if you can remember choosing to be here now. 

Remember that the Human Reality which is made up a lot of Ego/Mind is not the same as Gaia. 
So it is Vital to take time to be out in Nature. Dare to walk bare feet on the Earth so you can feel your skin be touched by the Earth. 
Ask to have the experience of being held by Gaia and Divine Vibrational Beings. 
When we are held and grounded we are then able to release emotions that are held within our physical structure in our 3D bodies. We are very much like trees - the deeper our energetic roots can connect with Gaia - the more we can reach to the Higher Vibrations through energetic branches that extend from our body like a complex web that surrounds us in an egg this can extend out out out.

Remember that in March 2017 an energetic veil surrounding Earth was lifted from Gaia. This veil had been supporting the forgetting and keeping the heavier energies and realities more firmly in place. Now the veil has been lifted it is SO much easier for everyone now to remember. To release those outdated patterns and energies. It is OK to remember many are now waking up. We are not alone. NOW is the time. More and more are experiencing the joy of remembering that we are multi-dimensional beings. Surrounded by so many beautiful beings. And we are alive on such a beautiful planet. If we stop and take a breath. We can be filled with Wonder and Awe.
Be like children with such joy curiosity and creativity.
We are Divine Beings.
Blessed BE.

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