Friday, 14 September 2018

Opening Hearts and Hands

Important Messages  
Signs ~ messages ~ synchronises ~ shamanic medicine ~ Light codes ~ repetition ~ Divine Intervention ~ premonitions ~ deja vu ~ many are experiencing this increasingly more frequently. This IS 5D. Where we see hear feel experience the Flower of life ~ web ~ interconnectivity. 
I have been hearing the intention energy awareness LOVE of Gaia and Divine Celestial Goddess Feminine ever since I stated my intention to hold a satellite 1000 Goddess Ceremony Ritual Circle Gathering.
And so as we are nearing the powerful Autumn Equinox Full Moon Portal. I was just asking this morning why so many came to the Dark Moon Sounding with Gong last weekend and only some would hear the call for the Autumn Equinox Full Moon. And I very clearly was told - and this is obvious I know but I needed to hear it! That not everyone will be ready to receive on the Autumn Equinox.
This is the paradox of The Fall from Grace. That though we can long to belong. To be INLOVE. We hold on tight. We are so used to that state of aloneness - of our Hearts being strained that it takes practice to be tender hearted. To loosen that grip. Can we take that leap of faith when we are surrounded by so much noise and distraction. Can we trust to unclench our hands and lay our palms open. 
The noise and distraction externally and internally has tried to keep us numbed hindering us from thawing the ice around our hearts. But every second that we FEEL ~ has the power of a thousand Angels. Just opening that crack lets SO SO SO  much in. For the Light LOVE IS SO much more powerful. And it is having a ripple effect. For that second is TIMELESS. And reaches within and without deeply and lightly. So though we can all feel disHeartened feels like one step forward two back at times - know that that one step forward is HUGE! WE in fact cover more distance in that ONE step. REALLY TRULY! Is that not WonderFULL! Is that not MAGICAL and DIVINE! So rejoice and try and remember this when times are challenging. 
If you feel called to join me on Sunday 23rd I will be truly honoured and touched for we are supporting co-creating together. For you we will be daring to be radical. For you we will be opening our hands and hearts to give and receive.
Blessings and Blessed Be 

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