Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Image by Elizabeth Rudwick

Greetings Beautiful Ones.
The last few days have in my own experience been intensive emotional clearing. I have moved today into an awareness of this process which I wanted to share which I felt might be useful. Which is this. 
We are breaking free. And in breaking free from the illusion I find myself experiencing sadness grief of realising the separation in a more profound way.
With this awareness I have the memory that 3 years ago when I remembered my StarSeed Origins and my beloved home of Lemuria I was filled first with utter BLISS JOY and then loss and sadness and grief of not being in Telos.
It was a revelation and release to realise and witness my journey that part of the process is LETTING THIS GO. Knowing that I choose all my experience. That this IS part of the process of of AWAKENING! Not being stuck in the Victim. Being the ALL PRESENT NOW! ALL IS HERE NOW.
So we can experience all our LIVES NOW!

As we expand more into our remembering and co-creating of our multi-dimensional selves we uncover the masks the layers of what we thought we are. The roles we put on to comply fit in to the Matrix/system/3D/Patriachy. 
We are truly in WONDROUS times where so many are Awakening. We are not only finding reclaiming our Soul Parts out Soul Note. We are finding each other. 
It is with the most profound WONDER that I find myself where I am. The Spiral the journey so long and yet always reconnecting so much to the places where we started our journey. 
Mid December last year I realised that I the Universe had arrived at a place where I was ready to take the leap from the Matrix/system/3D/Patriarchy. This was after 4 years working part-time in schools pastorally and part-time as LightWorker Wayshower. 
Since taking the Leap I realised I was on track with the completion of the 7 year cycle of Ascension which many of us awoke to in 2012. 
All along this process I felt the struggle to release myself from the system. I felt my ego/mind fears of not having the security of a fixed future. This fed into the belief of lack of - of not being enough. This is THE FALL FROM GRACE which was the systems distortion of the truth. The LightBringer - Lucifer who resonates with the Star Venus which is LOVE was condemned as the Devil for daring to shine her his light of Divinity. 
Now many of us are waking up to the falsehood of the system. And so I remember who I was when I was a child. Where I struggled to comply with the systems. Including being expelled from a Covent they said I was influenced by the Devil - I was 8 at the time! I have had an interesting relationship with Christianity! at 20 I was fooled by a friend to go to her church and they tired to exorcise what they said was the Devil in me. It was bit of an anti-climax for them! 
So as I share part of my story there - I am laughing for that is also part of this releasing is our STORIES!!! For years I held onto Anger - I held onto Anxiety - people can call this stages of Grief. But in the end this too we release.
And then we remember who we are. And this might rattle our or other cages. For it is time for the illusion the falseness the ego traps to dissolve with patience humility compassion and comUNITY.

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